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Aug 20, 2010 3:01 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Hampton Bays woman drowns in pool during party

Aug 20, 2010 3:01 PM

A 26-year-old woman died in a pool on August 8 during a party with friends at a private residence in Hampton Bays, according to police.

Southampton Town Police said the woman, later identified as Seidy C. Solis of Hampton Bays, was in the pool with several of her friends at the time of her death. The friends removed her from the pool after they noticed her floating in the water, unresponsive, and then called 911.

Town Police received the call at around 3 a.m. and responded to the scene with Hampton Bays Volunteer Ambulance. Rescue workers attempted to resuscitate Ms. Solis, but were unsuccessful, and they transported her to Southampton Hospital, where she was later officially pronounced dead, police said.

The cause of death is unknown, according to police reports, and the incident is being investigated by Town Police detectives and the Suffolk County medical examiner’s office.

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So, this was reported after Meadows West?

Who was asleep at the scanner, or was there a reason for the delay?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 13, 10 4:20 PM
Office is closed Sunday at 3 a.m., Mr. Z. No one was monitoring the scanner.
By BOReilly (135), 27east Web Editor on Aug 13, 10 4:37 PM
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Let's see...3 AM Monday the 9th. Story out a little before 3 PM Friday the 13th. Hey, it's August - you're entitled to a vacation. Just don't try to pass yourselves off as a news organization.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Aug 14, 10 12:31 AM
it's always easy to be an armchair quarterback VOS - anonymity, sarcasm galore & apparently suffering a wedgie. Hey Clark Kent, if you can do a better job, why don't you start your own paper? They reported the news as they rec'd it. If you want instantaneous local news, listen to WLNG, they report all the good gossip (that they don't filter first). Have a nice day & sounds like you could use a little vacay yourself.
By trublnocknatmydr (35), East Hampton on Aug 14, 10 10:15 AM
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Hey VOS, how would Tue., Wed., and Thurs. be any different for you had you found out on Monday about the gal who was found floating in her pool in Hampton Bays?
By package4 (39), hampton bays on Aug 14, 10 10:48 AM
People, this is a tragic story and you are posting sarcastic remarks. Somebody lost a life.Please think before you post. There's a grieving family that may or may not see this. It is all very sad.
By ADAMSG (53), EAST QUOGUE on Aug 14, 10 1:32 PM
Trub and pack are entitled to their opinions. Mr. Z raised the question of the delay in reporting, the editor's response was totally inadequate choosing to focus on the time of the incident and disregarding the next four days. I called him on it and make no apologies.

It is indeed a sad story, the third drowning in the area this week; it shouldn't happen.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Aug 14, 10 5:56 PM
I don't think we're above criticism when we're late reporting a story, as we were here.

Our web editor's comment above wasn't meant to be an excuse--it's just a simple, honest explanation of how it happened.

The fact is, we're a weekly newspaper group, with a weekly newspaper group's resources, trying our best to be a 24-hour online source of news and information covering a wide local community. We do our best, and sometimes the gaps in coverage create places for stories to slip ...more
By Joseph Shaw, Executive Editor (206), Hampton Bays on Aug 15, 10 7:24 AM
I knew this lady what a shock My heart goes out to her husband,friends and family may she rest in peace,
By ICARE (23), SOUTHAMPTON on Aug 15, 10 6:09 AM
I have absolutely no affiliation with the Southampton Press, but I have to give them credit. The story was reported, albeit late. Are you going to see the story on any NYC station? Absolutely not. It's simply too far and in their minds too expensive to cover. A public figure or a celebrity would have to be involved in order to get a crew out here.

Take for example the recent snafu with the VP's plane. It received national coverage, but there weren't any pictures of the damaged plane from ...more
By HBNative (15), Hampton Bays on Aug 16, 10 2:53 PM
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Yes, condolences to the family of the drowning victim.
Regarding the coverage here:

Anyone who questions the timeliness of the reporting on his unfortunate incident should IMO volunteer for this to become a PAID site, say to the tune of $50 to $100 per year.

Or maybe start your own local news site?

27east is FAR superior to every other free site for East End news coverage on a daily basis, including Newsday, EH Star, Sag Harbor Express, ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 16, 10 6:31 PM
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God Speed To The Family and Friends. Shame on Those Who Post Anything Else.
By 1640sWhaler (74), Sag Harbor/Easthampton on Aug 17, 10 6:30 AM
10 days later and no name posted in the paper of record for the East End. Whatta joke, no wonder this paper bleeds $$.
By HB 4 Life (72), Hampton Bays on Aug 18, 10 9:05 AM
The police are not releasing the victim's name.
By BOReilly (135), 27east Web Editor on Aug 18, 10 10:45 AM
Victim's name is in the Obituary section... put 2 and 2 together.
By C888 (11), East Hampton on Aug 18, 10 2:33 PM
By ghost (29), hampton bays on Aug 19, 10 7:41 AM
Oh... and she was from Hampton Bays.. not Southampton.
By C888 (11), East Hampton on Aug 18, 10 2:34 PM
Not in this oit section so somebody could just tell me her name. And BOReilly with more excuses for bad reporting. I can only laugh.
By HB 4 Life (72), Hampton Bays on Aug 19, 10 11:57 AM
The obituary is a linked article at the top of the page.

Rest in Peace.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Aug 20, 10 3:42 PM

this is a response I recieved recently on a different story f/ Stephen Kotz at the SH Post:
Letter: Why aren't you covering the illegal dredging in Montauk? Hamptons Online has a great article. Is this something you do not want to report?

Just so you know, the Hamptons.com article is basically the DEC press release. We have assigned a reporter to this story, who will be filing a comprehensive article this week.

No, this is not something we " do not want to report," and ...more
By kseal (37), southampton on Aug 22, 10 9:16 PM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By kseal (37), southampton on Aug 22, 10 9:17 PM