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Nov 2, 2011 2:45 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Teen Night At East Hampton Nightclub Called Exploitive

Nov 8, 2011 4:32 PM

What East Hampton High School officials called a “very inappropriate” video of teenagers dancing at the Lily Pond nightclub in East Hampton was available online at You Tube for several days after the October 28 Teen Night Halloween party.

The video, which included images of girls from the high school, had already been taken down by Wednesday, November 2, according to East Hampton High School Principal Adam Fine, who described it as “exploitive” and “just horrible on every level.”

The video caught the attention of officials at other school districts as well. “This type of atmosphere is not safe for 13- to 17-year-old students,” stated a letter sent out to the parents of Bridgehampton School students, some of whose children also attended the dance, by Bridgehampton Superintendent Lois R. Favre. Her letter noted that the site airing the video, which was being used to promote the events, had been “locked down” shortly after school officials viewed the content, but nevertheless urged parents to do “some good detective work” to take a look before allowing their children to attend another similar event.

Teen Nights at Lily Pond such as the recent Halloween party have been attracting crowds of adolescents from as far west as Riverhead, Mr. Fine said, and they compete with chaperoned events like a Halloween dance held at the high school that same night.

Even as East Hampton High School administrators try to make high school dances more attractive—offering reduced ticket prices, raffles, prizes, better music—to keep the students on campus, Teen Night promoters get their message out using social media and giving stacks of promotional cards to kids to hand out to other kids at school.

Only 14- through 17-year-olds are allowed to attend the events at Lily Pond Lane, and no alcohol is served, but Mr. Fine described the environment as “very, very dangerous.” There is a large “mixed bag of kids,” some of whom might drink before attending, and male employees in their mid-20s who could be seen “gawking” at 15-year-old girls on the video, he said.

If a fight breaks out at Teen Night, the kids might simply get thrown out, Mr. Fine said, whereas if one breaks out at a school dance, “I’m going to deal with it on every single level.”

Frank Cilione owns the property on Three Mile Harbor Road where events are held at Lily Pond, which is also known as Resort and SL East, depending upon who is promoting the party and what type it is: Latin parties, for instance, traditionally have been held at “Resort,” Mr. Cilione said.

About 250 kids turned out for the Halloween dance, he said, which was organized by a promoter known as DJ Chile, who picks the dates for the “three or four teen events” held at the club each year. “The kids would love to do it even on a weekly basis,” Mr. Cilione said, 
adding that there is little else to do in East Hampton Town and “It’s their night out.”

Liquor is locked away in the basement for Teen Nights, he said, and state-licensed security workers pat the young people down as they enter in costume to make sure they are not carrying weapons or alcohol. “The security that I have working there are older than most of the parents of these kids,” he said, adding that he would be swift to respond “if there was ever an issue of a girl being harassed” or “if we saw any staff acting inappropriately.”

If young girls are scantily clad, he said, then their parents might want to stop them before they go out dressed as cats or Playboy Bunnies, he said. In his day a girl wearing jeans was considered sexy, he said, but now, “unfortunately you turn on the TV and see Miley Cyrus,” he said.

“This is not our first rodeo,” Mr. Cilione went on. He said the club has many years’ experience hosting Teen Nights, and that “in 13 years we have had maybe one fight.”

In 2005, however, an East Hampton High School student was accused of stabbing two teenagers during a Teen Night event at Resort, although the club’s manager, Rod Diamant, denied at the time that the incident occurred on the premises. An East Hampton High School graduate, Kendall Madison, died while a college senior in 1995 after being stabbed when he was working as a bouncer at the club when it was under an earlier incarnation.

Mr. Fine has informed parents by email that the Teen Nights are not school-sanctioned events. “I would much rather have the students come to our supervised dance where our first concern is the safety of our children,” he said in one message.

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point of article?
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on Nov 2, 11 3:28 PM
The point? "male employees in their mid-20s who could be seen “gawking” at 15-year-old girls on the video!"

The horror!

I think to Principal Fine may be doing some projecting here, and should be subjected to a psych evaluation before being allowed to continue in his position.
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Nov 2, 11 3:42 PM
3 members liked this comment
To bring it to peoples attention as to what is going on out there that some people may not be aware of. Maybe the more ears that catch it will bring more mouths to fight to keep this garbage closed.... DUH!
By SHTownHB (75), Hampton Bays on Nov 2, 11 3:43 PM
Why? So they can go do it at some house party where there's even less supervision? Believe me, I'm not condoning this but I feel very sad for any parent that isn't aware of what's going on. Maybe they should have a Youtube night for parents.
By johnj (1024), Westhampton on Nov 2, 11 4:52 PM
what don;t u like about mr fine? axe to grind??
By gansetteer (125), East Hampton on Nov 2, 11 11:34 PM
Some people actually care what their kids do.

Allowing them to run amok in a girls gone wild atmosphere needs to come top an end.

Your thoughtless comments aren't appreciated by the way.
By Harbor Master (114), Sag Harbor on Nov 9, 11 2:57 PM
What is a 25 year old male supposed to do not look at a hot 17 year old ??? Maybe the parents of the 14 and 15 year olds should be more aware of how there daughters are dressing out of the house.
By They call me (2826), southampton on Nov 2, 11 3:52 PM
1 member liked this comment
I don't think a 25 yr should be looking at 17 yr.
By Bridgehampton (36), Bridgehampton on Nov 8, 11 9:57 PM
Please publish a list of dates when Lily Pond will be holding Teen Nights . . . as I will be sure to keep myself and my family off the roads that night. Teen drivers are bad enough, but teen drivers + drugs/alcohol is a vehicular manslaughter waiting to happen.
By Tay (35), Hampton Bays on Nov 2, 11 5:35 PM
Can someone please explain to me the obsession Mr. Fine has with Lily Pond. He sent out about 10 emails to parents to discourage attendence to Lily Ponds event. Some of which seemed included what sounded like bribes to get the students to attend the high school dance. He also forgot to mention the 5 students who passed out drunk at the last dance and the ambulances that carried the students away. And I believe at least one parent was arrested for sending her kid to the dance drunk. Some might ...more
By md11937 (1), east hampton on Nov 3, 11 8:49 AM
Your post explains why Mr. Fine would be "obsessed" with Lily Pond! The police are fed up as well. Alcohol poisoning, fights, parents letting their kids get drunk before going- this apparently has been getting more and more out of control. Parents, do your job and actually parent your kids- more than one parent was overheard saying they just couldn't say no to their kid because everyone else was going- isn't that your job?! And if you're daughter tries to leave the house dressed like a ho, send ...more
By Harbor at Heart (12), East Hampton on Nov 3, 11 1:42 PM
2 members liked this comment
I DO want to say that it DOES seem like Mr. Fine has a personal problem with Lilypond....the emails are quite numerous....However, Teen Night, in general, has a horrible, but well-deserved rap. The worst fights break out and there are more cases of drug overdose and alcohol poisoning than in any "adult" club. But you misread MD11937...She stated that there were students who went to the SCHOOL dance drunk and there were ambulances and no consequences. BUT, while there might have been ...more
By LL (2), East Hampton on Nov 9, 11 12:48 PM
You're all being racist because there's alot of hispanic patrons!

(Sarcasm) I just figured I throw that out there, before some bleeding heart liberal comes to the clubs defense with that same arguement.
By AlwaysLocal (292), southampton on Nov 6, 11 12:52 PM
I believe the principal's intent was to inform parents what is going on at the club in case they aren't aware. Nothing wrong with that.. RIGHT? I hear that some young kids are attending. They deserve protection even if their parents are idiots.
By harbor (415), East Hampton on Nov 7, 11 8:42 PM
By Bridgehampton (36), Bridgehampton on Nov 8, 11 10:00 PM
The problem here is that this is a night club without any proper form of adult supervision.

While it is true that young male bouncers are on the premises to prevent altercations, in no way do they deter the atmosphere of 'girls and boys gone wild'. The owner of this establishment knowingly exploits our children's desire to go out and 'have fun'. And he does so without the slightest concern that the
attendees are behaving in very inappropriate ways.

While Mr. Cilione may have ...more
By Harbor Master (114), Sag Harbor on Nov 9, 11 3:03 PM