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Oct 1, 2019 4:06 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Trustees Break Ground On Repairs To Dilapidated Dock Facility In Westhampton

After 10 years, the Southampton Town Trustees have broken ground on repairs to the Baycrest dock facility in Westhampton. GREG WEHNER
Oct 2, 2019 11:11 AM

For two years, the Southampton Town Trustees have sought assistance from the Town Board to help pay for and overhaul a dock facility on Baycrest Avenue in Westhampton that they manage. This week, they finally broke ground on the much needed repairs.

In its current state, the dock is in rough shape — a great deal of the wood is rotten, and potholes plague the road end, presenting hazardous conditions to get to and from the dock.

The cost to repair the dock and bulkhead at Baycrest was originally estimated to be $375,000, which the Trustees have had a tough time mustering up, not just for the past two years but for closer to 10 years, when the government body originally began looking at making repairs to the facility.

The Town Board agreed to bond with the Trustees to pay for the repairs in 2017, and when the project went out to bid, the lowest responsible bid was from South Shore Docks Inc., $444,775. To cover the difference, the Town Board authorized spending an additional $70,000 from the capital budget in May.

Town Trustee Ed Warner Jr. acknowledged on Tuesday that the biggest holdup to the project was the financing, but over the past year a few things happened that opened up money for the Trustees to be able to pay back the bond in the next 10 years.

For instance, last year the Trustees were awarded $271,922 in Community Preservation Fund revenue to manage Mecox Bay in Water Mill. The money is expected to help with the installation of real-time water quality monitoring stations, as well as to pay for the opening and closing of the Mecox Cut — a narrow strip of sand between the Atlantic Ocean and Mecox Bay — when the water levels rise. Additionally, the Trustees raised their permit fees.

Freeing up money that would have been spent at Mecox, combined with the added permit revenues, allowed the Trustees to move forward with projects like the Baycrest dock repairs

Just like two years ago, the dock was blocked off to the general public on Tuesday, but now there is machinery on location to do the work.

Town Trustee Scott Horowitz said the most recent delay was getting the hardwood to the facility for the contractors to make the repairs, but he anticipates the work on the dock and bulkhead will be completed by the end of the year.

Mr. Warner added that the dock will be extended to allow for a few dock slips for boats to tie up to.

“The permit fees are generated by the Trustees to repair the dock, so everyone in the town can come down and launch a boat, go snapper fishing, or go crabbing without breaking a leg,” Mr. Horowitz said. “It’s been a process to be able to do this, but it’s a good project.”

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It’s an election year!
By Resident tax (183), Hampton bays ny on Oct 2, 19 9:53 AM
Photo op... Remember to vote...
By knitter (1906), Southampton on Oct 2, 19 2:11 PM






By HamptonClassic (122), Southampton on Oct 3, 19 4:57 PM
1 member liked this comment
Why are you yelling?

By Frank Wheeler (1824), Northampton on Oct 4, 19 1:37 AM
The corruption of the current Board of Trustees, regarding "The Rose Hill Road Sellout", would cause you to yell, too.

By HamptonClassic (122), Southampton on Oct 4, 19 12:29 PM
Who got what where when???
By knitter (1906), Southampton on Oct 6, 19 12:03 PM
That's the right question, knitter, and if the answer is that, say, Trustee X did get something, then that's the corruption that HamptonClassic is talking (sorry, yelling) about, and a good reason all by itself to vote Trustee X out of office.

But if the answer is that Trustee Y didn't get anything, then one might vote against Trustee Y for bad judgment on Rose Hill Road, or for some other reason, but not for corruption. HamptonClassic does us all a disservice by speaking of "the corruption ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1966), Quiogue on Oct 6, 19 12:31 PM
Unfortunately Turkey Bridge you're not yelling at this injustice.

Check out the aerial view of Rose Hill Road (before and after photos) as featured in the Southampton Press, and you'll see who "got, what where and when".

As for bad judgment, you should watch the SEA TV video of the Trustee Meeting regarding Rose Hill Road - specifically the one who sat with a box of tissues, crying and admitting that SHE had not read the application - SHE just voted yes. She does not deserve ...more
By HamptonClassic (122), Southampton on Oct 6, 19 2:12 PM
Thank you to the Trustees for finally getting this work funded, scheduled and started. This pier has been neglected for the better part of the past 15-20 years. The original design which set up a breakwater and protected area to launch boats on the east side was abandoned and a "new" boat ramp was constructed on the west side of the pier. Severe erosision and undermining occurred during Sandy, making the end of the pier unsafe. Budgeted pricign of approximately $500k has been submitted to the Town ...more
By roverton (61), Westhampton on Oct 7, 19 9:30 AM
This from ray Overton one term failed REPUBLICAN trustee. You thieves all just stick together until the end don’t you
By CaptainSig (716), Dutch Harbor on Oct 8, 19 8:55 PM
Yes, scott and ed should be singled out for not Dumping the Rose Hill deal. How stupid can they ALL BE??? They have put the trustees back 20 years.
BAD NEWS BEARS the lot of them. Vote Libertarian, Fred Havermeyer.and Eric Schultz, PLEASE...
Where do you all stand now. None of you have taken a stand on correcting your folly. No crying at the meeting, you are a adult that you ran on and hand a opinion...
The republicans and democrats should both be ashamed of their politics. You are ...more
By knitter (1906), Southampton on Oct 7, 19 7:12 PM
HamptonClassic continues to spread untruths. First, it was the broad-brush accusation that the whole Board of Trustees is corrupt. (See above, with my response.). Having been called on it, he then tries to wriggle out with this invented concept of corruption as a “lack of integrity.”

That one doesn’t work with the Trustees, and it surely doesn’t work with his latest untruth, accusing the town Democrats of lacking integrity. The Eric Shultz episode went like this ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1966), Quiogue on Oct 8, 19 8:17 AM
Turkey Bridge, taking everyone down memory lane has become boring.
Reality is ... Eric Shultz won the Democratic Primary and will be on the ballot in November, The Democratic Party continues to ignore this outstanding candidate.
Instead of embracing a true Democrat, they ignore him.

The Democratic leadership shows zero integrity, by ignoring candidates as well as by throwing candidates under the bus ,,, how shameful !

As for Mayer, if you spent less time recording your ...more
By HamptonClassic (122), Southampton on Oct 8, 19 11:12 AM