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Jun 12, 2019 10:07 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Primary Set For Democratic Southampton Town Trustee Candidates

Jun 12, 2019 11:27 AM

Six Southampton Town Trustee candidates will face off in a Democratic Party primary on June 25 for a chance to run on the ballot in November.

Included in the mix of six candidates vying for five seats are two former Trustees, Fred Havemeyer, who stepped away from the board in 2013, and Eric Shultz, a former Trustee president who did not seek reelection in 2017.

Mr. Havemeyer and Mr. Shultz will be joined on the ballot by incumbents Bill Pell and Ann Welker, along with newcomers Andrew Brosnan and David Mayer.

Mr. Shultz said on Monday that he is concerned with the current state of the Trustees, and despite stepping away to pursue a career opportunity, supervising the plans for a hotel, he is ready to come back.

“People are coming up to me and Fred, almost on a daily basis, asking, ‘What’s happening to the Trustees?’” he said. “They see in the paper that they are giving away land, and people are concerned.”

Mr. Shultz was referring to the Rose Hill Road decision, in which all five current board members—Trustee President Ed Warner, Secretary Scott Horowitz, Bill Pell, Ann Welker and Bruce Stafford—voted to enter into an agreement with an adjacent property owner of one of their parcels of land, allowing him to encroach onto the property in exchange for maintaining the land and a public boat ramp.

Mr. Shultz said he and Mr. Havemeyer pitched a run for Trustee to the Democratic Committee for one term only, so they could try to get things in order. Over the course of the two-year term, he said, the two seasoned former Trustees would make efforts to train newcomers and help get the board back on track.

But the Democratic Party did not choose to endorse the two candidates, and instead went in with four—Mr. Pell, Ms. Welker, Mr. Brosnan and Mr. Mayer.

Eileen Duffy would have been the fifth candidate on the ballot, but she chose to circulate a petition for Town Board instead. After numerous appeals, she was denied her chance to primary because she appeared to be running for both Trustee and Town Board.

On her petition, though, were Mr. Shultz and Mr. Havemeyer. Both men were already petitioning to get on the ballot, and Mr. Shultz said it was not a team effort between them and Ms. Duffy.

“We told them we want to run as a team, and they didn’t bring it up at the committee,” he said. “That’s okay. Enough people signed petitions.”

Mr. Shultz also said he and Mr. Havemeyer petitioned for the Independence Party line, but their chances were squashed by East End party head Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr.

Another primary taking place on June 25 is the Independence Party race between incumbent Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Town Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor for supervisor.

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If anyone is concerned about the trustees, do the smart thing and vote for Mr. Shultz and Mr. Havemeyer. Plain and simple.
By Resident tax (186), Hampton bays ny on Jun 12, 19 12:38 PM
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Fred and Eric don't need this. They are doing it for the residents.
What is happening in the TRUSTees is a farce. A lot of egos going in the wrong direction. Party egos are another thing that is ruining our country.
We need Fred and Eric back on board, your vote counts...
By knitter (1941), Southampton on Jun 12, 19 1:38 PM
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I proudly signed the petition for Fred & Eric and am looking forward to voting for them on the 25th.
By SqueakyWheel (28), Flanders, New York on Jun 12, 19 2:33 PM
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I can’t vote in a democrat primary, but no way do we need the traitors Hevemeyer and Shultz back on the Trustees. Thyey are argumentative know-it-all’s and no one could stand working with them when they were trustees.
By Bayman (56), Hampton Bays on Jun 13, 19 7:13 AM
Bayman, the only traitors are you Republican Trunp-Traitors. Unlike you, Fred and Eric have a sincere love for Southampton Town and their long service to the people and environment is all the proof one needs.
By SpeedRacer (160), Southampton on Jun 13, 19 12:52 PM
Incurred lots of expenses on Don Quixote exploits, losing in court didn't help.
By number19 (111), Westhampton on Jun 21, 19 5:13 PM
Eric and Fred both have a wealth of experience and knowledge of Trustee matters and we would be fortunate to have them both back on our Board. Neither man is mired down in the petty politics that have caused so many issues in recent years.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jun 13, 19 8:54 AM
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By Bayman (56), Hampton Bays on Jun 13, 19 9:52 AM
Fred Havemeyer and Eric Shultz, both long time former elected Trustees, who can be TRUSTED ... men of integrity, honesty and knowledge ... WILL fix the current broken Board ...All to benefit the Southampton Town residents..


JUNE 25, 2019.
By HamptonClassic (132), Southampton on Jun 13, 19 12:40 PM
2 members liked this comment
The Republicans have a great slate of Trustee candidates that will work together and represent all the people of Southampton Town: Warner, Horowitz, Fry, Law and Heckman.
By Bayman (56), Hampton Bays on Jun 13, 19 2:42 PM
This election is a referendum on the Rose Hill debacle , Stafford was the point man for Mecox and was instrumental in perpetrating the scam , thank God he got the heave ho from both the Conservatives and Republicans and is not on the ballot. Let's hope our Trustees have realized the folly of that deal and , with both Fred and Eric on the board move forward in a manner that's wholly beneficial to ALL the Residents and Freeholders of the Town of Southampton.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jun 13, 19 5:03 PM
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Welker's first vote was to give Mecox away, unforgivable.
By themarlinspike (542), Northern Hemisphere on Jun 13, 19 5:43 PM
1 member liked this comment
Absolutely themarlinspike, the entire current Board needs to be replaced .. with people who have integrity and honesty.

First Step, elect Democrat Fred Havemeyer and Democrat Eric Shultz on June 25, Southampton Town Primary for Trustees.

Second Step, vote in November to remove the current Board.

By HamptonClassic (132), Southampton on Jun 13, 19 9:59 PM
This has been an unfortunate business all around. The primary contest didn't have to happen, but a lack of early communication, plus Eileen Duffy's on-the-fly decision to run for Town Council instead of the Trustee post to which she was nominated, plus another change of heart, drove us to where we are now.

But it's not all that bad. Nothing wrong with a primary, even one which could have been avoided. Here, it's plain that it would be a great loss not to have the experience and effectiveness ...more
By Turkey Bridge (1979), Quiogue on Jun 15, 19 11:16 AM
1 member liked this comment
Turkey Bridge,

Ann Welker (I) and Bill Pell (I) have not served us very well ... ROSE HILL ROAD.





By HamptonClassic (132), Southampton on Jun 15, 19 12:27 PM
all 5 voted on Bruce Stafford's deal and seemingly the homeowner's attorney wrote the contract, the Town attorney advising our Trustees OK'd the deal and unfortunately it was approved. Look closely at who fessed up and admitted their vote was a mistake and who did not.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jun 15, 19 1:35 PM
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