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May 9, 2012 10:09 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Wilson Receives Another Inquiry About Leaving Southampton Town

May 9, 2012 11:52 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief William Wilson Jr. said last week that a representative claiming to be acting on behalf of the Southampton Town Board recently called to ask him what it would take to have him leave town employment—the second such overture to entice the chief to quit.

However, at least three Town Board members, including the supervisor, said they were unaware of any offer.

“A representative from the town, with the authority of the Town Board, called me on Tuesday morning,” the chief said, referring to May 1. “The spirit of that conversation was, ‘What do we gotta do to get you to leave?’”

The chief declined to identify the caller, other than to say he has no political affiliation in the town and was just someone saying they were authorized to speak on the board’s behalf.

His reply, he said, was that he was not interested in leaving town employment.

“I enjoy working with the Southampton Town Police Department very much. It’s a tremendous group at the Town PD, and I signed on to progress and modernize that agency, and that’s what I’m going to do. I went there because they have a countywide reputation as being archaic and closed-off,” he said. “It’s a tremendous police department. The former administration had their philosophy of the way the police department operations should be conducted. They were in charge of that department for 24, 25 years. They ran it their way. I just happen to have a different philosophy, as far as interdepartmental cooperation and discipline and productivity.”

Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, as well as Town Board members Chris Nuzzi and Jim Malone, said this week they were unaware of any offer.

In March, the chief confirmed reports that he had been offered a financial incentive of an undisclosed amount by Town Management Services Administrator Russell Kratoville to leave the post he had just been appointed to in May 2011 after transferring to the town from the Southampton Village Police Department. The chief said that offer, which was written up, was purely a financial incentive and did not represent earned time he had accrued. Chief Wilson said he ultimately declined that offer. Mr. Kratoville declined to comment on that issue.

Additionally, Ms. Throne-Holst previously said that she was approached in December by an intermediary delivering a message from Republican leaders offering a deal in which the GOP would agree to reappoint former Town Comptroller Tamara Wright if the supervisor would agree to fire Chief Wilson. She declined the offer, she said.

Other law enforcement officials have backed the chief on his record.

“He’s a great reformer,” Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco said in a recent interview, “and that’s something that I think that police department needed, for the sake of the residents and for the sake of the officers, for the morale. I think for many years that police department was a very closed department, run by an old boys’ club, and now, with Chief Wilson, you have a new set of eyes on it, shedding some sunlight into it, and I think that’s a very good thing.”

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some people are getting very scared right about now....
By just breath (82), yuck on May 9, 12 1:52 PM
Just who from the Southampton Town Republican leaders wanted the chief to leave? Perhaps, Southampton needs the Feds to investigate the police department and the current Town Board with respect to these issues. Just who is involved in trying to entice the chief to resign? We need transparency in Southampton Town!!!!! Keep at it, Southampton Press.........
By crusader (391), East Quogue on May 9, 12 2:35 PM
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Did you feel the earthquake?

Were you standing at the shore when the ocean receded?

Can you feel the tsunami building?

See other articles from today by Ms. Reynolds and Mr. Wright.

Well done!
By PBR (4956), Southampton on May 9, 12 4:59 PM
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By PBR (4956), Southampton on May 9, 12 5:08 PM
I really wish that these people would just let Chief Wilson due the job he was hired to do!!!
By USCG_WIFE (6), Northern Michigan on May 9, 12 5:25 PM
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Mr. Wilson may need a life ring and resuscitation on this IMO.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on May 9, 12 5:53 PM
dont think the Chief needs the life ring.......im thinking the politicians , those present for meeting and those who decided to be a no show.

By BCHBUM11968 (81), SOUTHAMPTON on May 9, 12 6:52 PM
Even if Mr. Wilson is clean on this, he may be the messenger of bad news?
By PBR (4956), Southampton on May 9, 12 6:59 PM
alot of people arent sleeping these days........running scared ........and I dont believe Chief Wilson is one of them........Sounds like this info that the chief has been trying to get to the board has finally reached it, they realize the severity of the information.....and some of those who were present or not, are running scared.......Maybe time to look into the combination of Police Departments......Let SCPD take over.......
By BCHBUM11968 (81), SOUTHAMPTON on May 9, 12 6:50 PM
SCPD to investigate?

Perhaps the FBI could look into this? I would imagine that this course of action is already in the works, given the quotes in another article:

"A federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed this week that his and other multi-jurisdictional agencies routinely kept the Southampton Town Police in the dark about their investigations within the town—contrary to common practice in other jurisdictions. He said it was because ...more
By PBR (4956), Southampton on May 9, 12 6:56 PM
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I think that if everyone wants transparency in Southampton Town politics, it is time for Chief Wilson to disclose who approached him about leaving his post. I'm tired of this "he said, she said" situation. Let's bring everything out into the open and get to the bottom of this. If it means putting the whole Town Board in front of a judge and swearing them in, then do it. Otherwise, leave Chief Wilson to do his job. Even though he was chief for Southampton Village Police, everyone in Southampton ...more
By bobalooey (45), East Quogue on May 10, 12 1:30 AM
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Transparency in Southampton politics? You don't know where you are. There's a better chance of peace in the Middle East Bobabooey 2 you
By TianaBob (256), S.Jamesport on May 13, 12 11:20 AM
Kratoville made the offers, at that salary he needs to justify his existence. Say you never made the offer Kratoville.
By Geppetto (59), Southampton on May 11, 12 8:17 AM
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... who called you chief, what's their name, spit it out. I am starting to doubt your effectiveness and your management skills if you can't overcome these veiled threats and if are reluctant to name name's. Give me a break, chief, this isn't a game.
By William Rodney (561), southampton on May 13, 12 10:36 AM
I do know where I am, TianaBob. To compare getting transparency in Southampton Town to peace in the Middle East is assinine, to say the least. The Middle East will never see peace as long as there are people living there that have no regard for human life. We could see transparency in Southampton Town in our lifetime if we could find candidates that are willing to put the citizens needs before their, and their Party's, own wants. Candidates from all parties are willing to promise the people ...more
By bobalooey (45), East Quogue on May 16, 12 1:36 AM