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Jul 24, 2012 3:09 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Residents Call For Humane Approach To Deer Management

Jul 24, 2012 6:16 PM

Bill and Ellen Crain, the couple who have sounded off about culling deer herds in East Hampton Town, are proposing a more humane way to address a burgeoning population that town officials have said has become a problem.

The couple, who belong to the East Hampton Group for Wildlife, both urged the board last Thursday to consider nonlethal measures to reduce problems that have been linked to deer, including car accidents and forest damage.

A draft deer management plan currently under consideration by Town Board members calls for widespread culling of the town’s deer population in part by expanding bow hunting on town owned land.

Mr. Crain asked the board to consider other means of addressing the problem, calling hunting a “brutal slaughter.”

“Ultimately the question is, what kind of community do we wish to be and what will our policy be and say to our children?” said Mr. Crain. “As a parent and grandparent and a child psychologist, I know children feel close to animals and care deeply about them.”

The East Hampton Group for Wildlife is pushing a 10-point plan called “Deer: A Humane Plan.” In it, the group recommends a number of measures, including initiating a slow driving campaign, evaluating the effectiveness of roadside deer reflectors designed to reduce auto-deer collisions, promoting deer-resistant planting and conducting a pilot immuno-contraception study.

Councilman Dominick Stanzione, who spearheaded the 
deer management plan currently being considered, 
said the five-year plan includes both lethal and nonlethal measures.

“I welcome those suggestions for effective nonlethal methodologies,” he said. “The plan incorporates the development of those methodologies. We look forward to reviewing 
nonlethal deer management techniques as part of a living document … The inclusion of an option for professional culling provides the plan with the most effective options for dealing with the emerging deer emergency.”

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