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May 31, 2012 10:26 AMPublication: The East Hampton Press

East Hampton Shooting Was An Accident, Victim's Mother Says

Jun 5, 2012 4:37 PM

Frank A. Hanna, 29, of East Hampton pleaded not guilty in East Hampton Town Justice Court last Thursday in the shooting of Frederic Stephens Jr., 20, at Mr. Hanna’s house on May 24. He had been arrested by East Hampton Town Police on May 30 at home on Springs-Fireplace Road in East Hampton and charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon, two felonies, and with second-degree menacing, a misdemeanor.

The victim’s mother said after the arraignment that the shooting had been an accident.

Mr. Stephens, who lives in East Hampton, was released from Stony Brook University Hospital on May 28 after surgery, his mother, Tieya Bacon, said outside the courthouse last Thursday. A single shot from a .44-caliber handgun went through his arm and into his torso, striking an artery near his ribs, she said. Ms. Bacon said she feared nerve damage and said her son was in pain—but she added that she knows she could have been burying him instead.

“He had it at [my son’s] head first,” Ms. Bacon said of Mr. Hanna, and told him the safety lock was on, before lowering the gun, which then went off.

Mr. Hanna and her son are friends—“unfortunately”—she said, adding that her son had just walked into Mr. Hanna’s house on Springs-Fireplace Road when the shooting occurred.

“He did sound remorseful” afterward, she said of Mr. Hanna, but she added that he is an adult and ought to know “you don’t play with guns.”

“He’s 20 years old. He’s young and dumb,” she said of her son, pointing out that Mr. Hanna is nearly 10 years older. “But nobody deserves to be shot like that.”

Though she faces two charges related to the incident, Kimberly M. Delrio, 22, of Springs might have saved Mr. Stephens’s life by driving him to Southampton Hospital after the shooting, Ms. Bacon maintained. Ms. Delrio had been stopped by an East Hampton Village Police officer at the American gas station on Toilsome Lane, at which time Mr. Stephens got out of the back of the car and told the police officer he’d been shot. The police officer had “wanted her to wait half an hour for an ambulance,” Ms. Bacon said.

Instead, Mr. Stephens got back in the car, which sped off from East Hampton to the emergency room entrance in what Village Police described as an extremely dangerous journey.

Village Police have charged Ms. Delrio with reckless driving and fleeing the police, two misdemeanors, as well as lesser counts.

At Mr. Hanna’s arraignment, East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana set bail at $50,000. District Attorney Thomas Spota’s office had asked for $75,000 bail, citing previous misdemeanor convictions and a probation violation for which Mr. Hanna served time in jail. His attorney, Susan Menu, had asked for $2,500 bail, noting that her client is a lifelong local resident, that he had surrendered to police, had no warrant history, and that the complainant had signed a statement indicating that the shooting might have been accidental.

Mr. Hanna did not post bail and was taken to the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside. He was due to return to court on Tuesday, after which Ms. Menu said that the defense was conferencing with the district attorney’s office. Mr. Hanna remained in jail as of Tuesday, she said.

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Illegal gun + Medivac injury = jail time.

By Nero (301), Sag Harbor on May 31, 12 6:51 PM
Whoa! A .44 is a magnum caliber (i.e. a very large powder charge) and a very large bullet. The article is unclear, but the bullet must have gone through and exited a small part of Mr. Stephens' torso or he would not be with us. He's lucky, if anyone having been accidentally shot can be considered lucky.

Kudos to Ms. Delrio for ignoring the deadly order of the cop and continuing to drive her injured friend to the hospital. A sensible reaction would have been to give her a police escort ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on May 31, 12 7:10 PM
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Isn't a .44 Magnum a revolver? So what "safety lock?"
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on May 31, 12 9:44 PM
YO, HHS, "Kudos ... for ignoring the deadly order of the cop ....?"

You may have crossed the line with this one IMO.

What was "deadly" about the police order NOT to drive off from the American gas station?

Note that the possible "half-hour" wait is conjecture. How long did the drive to SH Hospital take, without EMS assistance?

A sad event for sure, but speculation base on miniscule facts does not really help the discussion, does it?
By PBR (4956), Southampton on May 31, 12 7:21 PM

~ Richard Pryor
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on May 31, 12 8:55 PM
Isn't it weird how the victim's own mother calls her son "young and dumb?" It's almost as if she's somewhat blaming her son for getting shot! Perhaps for :unfortunately" being friends with Mr. Hanna? Any ideas as to why a 20 yr old and a 29 yr old would be such "friends"? According to her, her son had walked into the house just prior to getting shot. She also says that Mr. Hanna first pointed the gun at her son's head before it "accidentally" fired as he lowered it.

What are we ...more
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on May 31, 12 11:51 PM
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By J. Totta (106), Sag Harbor on Jun 1, 12 6:59 AM
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By MickNY (43), East Hampton on Jun 1, 12 8:44 AM
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By MickNY (43), East Hampton on Jun 1, 12 9:10 AM
to PBR:

Some lawful orders of the police SHOULD be disobeyed. The emergency room was a certainty and a much better choice than the sooner-or-later EMTs. The p.d. reaction, both that of the initial cop and those of his colleagues, was a mistake.

to Frank Wheeler:

While no revolver has a safety, Smith and Wesson revolvers of recent manufacture have an integral locking mechanism that prevents the hammer from striking. One activates it with a key but it is impossible to ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Jun 1, 12 10:47 AM
My Lord, what ever happened to individual responsibility....drop the charges and save face. If I saw a cop shot and could rush them immediately to an emergency room, I wouldn't think twice. A human being IS a human being...just sayn
By Truth Warrior (11), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 5:28 PM
Guns do not go off by themselves, that's a fact. A decision is ALWAYS involved, intentional or not, by human beings, RESPONSIBLE or RESPONSIBLE!!
By Truth Warrior (11), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 5:38 PM
There is a Desert Eagle .44 which is not a revolver. FYI. There is no key for it.
By Geppetto (59), Southampton on Jun 1, 12 10:15 PM
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Please forgive him he was just cleaning it before using it in a robbery.
By steve457 (22), southampton on Jun 5, 12 1:18 PM
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now that is funny steve457
By jacks (70), hampton bays on Jun 6, 12 9:26 AM
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that's very funny steve457. And what do they expect when they play with a gun?
By AFB (31), NYC/SH on Jun 14, 12 3:16 PM