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Jul 26, 2011 5:11 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

Jul 26, 2011 5:12 PM

U.S. Representative Tim Bishop on Tuesday said in a press release that he will not vote for a new debt proposal by House Speaker John Boehner, which he said would continue the specter of government default, virtually assure a downgrade in the U.S. credit rating, and lead to massive cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security while preserving tax loopholes.

At the same time, Mr. Bishop said in the release that he would reluctantly vote for a proposal from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to cut $2.7 trillion over 10 years with no revenue increases and no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.

Mr. Boehner’s plan would cut an immediate $1.2 trillion in domestic discretionary spending over 10 years, which would help increase the debt ceiling for six months. The plan would then require Congress to cut an additional $1.8 trillion in spending over 10 years without any increase in revenue, which would lead to cuts in Medicare and Medicaid as outlined in the budget passed by House Republicans in April.

“I cannot vote for something that is so damaging to the middle class families I was elected to fight for and so contrary to every value I believe in,” Mr. Bishop said in the release. “My line in the sand is that I will not support a deal that asks Medicare recipients to sacrifice, but does not ask for an ounce of sacrifice from big oil companies and hedge fund managers. It is long past time to find a reasonable compromise and then get on to the business of helping Americans find jobs.”

Should the nation be subjected to another debt limit showdown in just six months, leading bond ratings agencies including Standard & Poor’s have said they might still cut the U.S. rating to AA from the current AAA, the release notes. Such an historic cut would mean higher interest rates on everything from the debt paid by the government to mortgages, credit cards, and student loans—essentially imposing a tax on all Americans.

Mr. Bishop said in the release that he has consistently advocated a balanced approach to deficit reduction that would combine spending cuts with targeted revenue increases by eliminating loopholes and wasteful expenditures in the tax code.

Failing to raise the debt ceiling by August 2 “would no doubt have a very adverse effect very quickly on the recovery,” Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress last week. The U.S. would immediately have to cut 40 to 45 percent of federal outlays, potentially jeopardizing Social Security benefits, paychecks for members of the military, and the nation’s ability to pay interest on our outstanding debt. The precipitous drop in government spending could also send the economy towards another recession.

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Prince Harry's plan is a farce! It's obvious the Demokratz have no intention of cutting spending and reducing the debt. What a disgrace that our Rep. has no leadership in his DNA. Our debt is out of control and needs to be reduced. These weasels need to live within their means, the same way the ones who elected them do. HEY, IT'S OUR MONEY, NOT THEIRS!!
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jul 26, 11 5:37 PM
Bigfresh, please explain why you are against the Reid plan? It has all cuts and NO revenue increases and S and P has said that the Boehner plan would lead to a downgrade for America.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Jul 26, 11 5:49 PM
gee, didn't see that coming! hahahaha
By HSA (68), southampton on Jul 26, 11 5:40 PM
oh, and those so called protesters? it was all a coordinated set-up arranged by Bishop's county reps. Go look at "Restore The American Promise" and click about us and then find out who is really behind those people. They are in bed with Bishop. Can you say term limits?
By HSA (68), southampton on Jul 26, 11 5:45 PM
I encourage Rep. Bishop to vote against any plan that does not include revenues.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Jul 26, 11 6:06 PM
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can you explain why you feel people should pay more taxes? and, your answer MUST include how you feel that washington is already spending money as efficiently as possible. and please, don't say that they should take ''rich'' people's money...because those eeeevil rich pay more in a year that you'll pay in your lifetime. so go ahead, should just OTHER people pay more or are you included in that too...and please tell us how Washington doesn't have enough money but with more, everything should work ...more
By local69 (65), southampton on Jul 28, 11 7:44 AM
Why can,t we just pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling,and save all the other BS for another day...Seems that is the way it was done in the past..
By DJ9222 (85), southampton on Jul 26, 11 6:29 PM
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yeah lets just the punt the problem down the road for future generations. We can just wait until the problem becomes unfixable (it may be already).

Its no secret that some very difficult decesions will need to made regarding entitlements. Tax increases and discretionary spending cuts wont be enough to solve this long term
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Jul 27, 11 4:05 PM
I am against Harry's plan because the cuts are over 10 years, which means it will never happen. Additionally, the cuts are miiscule relative to our debt, especially when we lose our AAA rating and interest rates rise. And there should be no sacred cows when it comes to cuts.
By bigfresh (4666), north sea on Jul 27, 11 3:08 PM
Even John McCain is sick of the dumba__ teabaggers in congress

"What is really amazing about this is that some members are believing that we can pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution in this body with its present representation -- and that is foolish,” said McCain on the Senate floor, according to The Hill. "That is worse than foolish. That is deceiving many of our constituents.”
By razza5351 (551), East Hampton on Jul 27, 11 4:52 PM
I wake up every morning hoping to find a post from you. It is high comedy that whoever you are, your life has been absolutely rocked by a group of elderly folks that got together about 3 years ago (you recall, dissent is patriotic bumper stickers right?) and they are controlling your emotional well being on a daily basis. Your entire online angle is all about the teabaggers (sic) - it is really entertaining. The rose society at the library could have a party and you tweak out about the tea party...if ...more
By HSA (68), southampton on Jul 28, 11 7:51 AM
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What the Dems are doing is delaying and delaying in the hopes that the Republicans will eventually give in and raise taxes. That way, when the 2012 elections come around, they can blame the Republicans for the higher taxes. Obama keeps saying the Republicans should compromise. Compromise with what?!? Obama has never even offered a plan to compromise with! As far as raising the debt ceiling, yes it was raised in the past despite opposition from Dems. That's right, OBAMA, Reid, Pelosi, Schuter, ...more
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Jul 27, 11 5:32 PM
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Are you saying Mr. Obama has not shown leadership? How dare you! Why just the other day he said, "We have to get this done NOW!!!" The emphasis on the word "Now" certainly showed leadership and was an undeniable call to action.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 27, 11 6:41 PM
I imagine you can understand those votes............... during a wholy one sided administration, the few on the underdog side usually vote against. And perhaps those Democrats really opposed the out of control spending that got us into this mess.
That's how I feel.
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Jul 28, 11 1:15 PM
Default is nothing more than a scare tactic. Two out of every three dollars the federal government spends actually comes from good old-fashion tax revenue. The interest on the national debt is 10%of the revenue- there is plenty to go around to pay for essentials. Leadership is about making the hard choices. We are in crisis because there aren't enouph people in D.C. willing to make those hard choices.
By Duckbornandraised (184), Eastport on Jul 27, 11 6:18 PM
Nice work all around by the extraordinary members of our Federal Govt. You all ought to be really proud of the fine, fine work you are doing. Glad to see that you all have put party politics aside and banged out a plan that is in the best interest of the country. Golf clap.

By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 27, 11 6:34 PM
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"The U.S. would immediately have to cut 40 to 45 percent of federal outlays, potentially jeopardizing Social Security benefits"

What ever did happen to that lock box???
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 27, 11 6:42 PM
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It is a lie. It is filled with internal IOU's worth as much as the ink on the paper they are written on.
By Duckbornandraised (184), Eastport on Jul 27, 11 7:37 PM
You can't spend your way out of debt.

You also can't pay it down, without generating revenue. Saying the "job creators" can't handle an increase in taxes is absolute B.S. . Last time they got a "tax holiday", the money was pocketed as compensation, and nary a job was created. There always seems to be plenty of money for million dollar salaries, huge homes, Maseratis, Porsches, and Maybocks.

But, there's never enough money to give the janitor a raise...
Jul 27, 11 6:44 PM appended by Mr. Z
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 27, 11 6:44 PM
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Plutocracy: If Corporations and the Rich Paid 1960s-Level Taxes, the Debt Would Vanish

By Sam Pizzigati

July 26, 2011

Once upon a time in America, back a century ago, our nation's rich paid virtually nothing in taxes to the federal government. And that same federal government did virtually nothing to better the lives of average Americans.

But those average Americans would do battle, over the next half century, to rein in the rich and the corporations that made ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 27, 11 9:53 PM
Thanks, Z.
The thing is as govt increases taxes they inevitably increase spending. It's like raising the credit limit and a card that's already maxed out. I think it is time that we demand that our govt spend wisely. I'd love to see a complete audit of entitlement and allocate those funds appropriately and put a nail in the fraud and abuse. Pie in the sky? Probably. However, before the govt puts its hands in the pockets of anyone (rich, poor or middle class), they have to get spending under ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 29, 11 1:50 PM
Like I always say, I have no love for Newt Gingrich, but that Congress had spending under control.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 2, 11 7:41 PM
We can't let our bond rating go down......
That would be bad.
By SHNative (554), Southampton on Jul 27, 11 11:54 PM
Then we should stop spending more than we make.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Jul 28, 11 6:09 AM
We are 14 Trillion in debt and borrowing 42 cents out of every dollar we spend. Just because we can always repay everyone in worthless currency doesn't mean we should have a AAA credit rating.
By Duckbornandraised (184), Eastport on Jul 28, 11 11:00 AM
oh yeah and repeat after me..baaaaaaaa. cuz you sound like a sheep.
By kaluss (113), Southampton on Jul 30, 11 7:13 AM
why would it be bad if our bond rating went down? except you know, that they said it on pmsnbc? don't pay any attention to mr z, he's like a parakeet, parrotting things that he's seen around the net that makes some sense to him. technically its called plagiarism. if you are afraid of defaul, bond rating decreases or any other negative ramification of what is going on in D.C., you are nothing but a absent minded pawn in their game. come over to our table where we know its all a game and there ...more
By local69 (65), southampton on Jul 28, 11 7:41 AM
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This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 28, 11 3:51 PM

I won't forget that one...
Jul 28, 11 4:39 PM appended by Mr. Z
Care to explain yourself?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 28, 11 4:39 PM
I don't know how old you are, or what level of education you have, but I must address the now third shot you have taken at my person.

I have been on this earth for over thirty years, and have read everything from Confucius, to Socrates, Aristotle, Tsung Tsu, Shakespeare, Poe, Huxley, Asimov, Bradbury, and even Tesla. Discover, Scientific American, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, and I love Rolling Stone. I have most likely read more books, and periodicals than ...more
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 28, 11 5:04 PM
He won't answer that, Captn Amer. Some here are so blinded in their hate for GW Bush, Republicans and The Tea Party that they are unable to see the failures of this president. It's sad. I don't care what party sign is on your front lawn, one should observe and make judgments with an open mind and honest heart.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 29, 11 1:57 PM
Holy crap MrZ. You got it down pat. I don't know you and sometimes I don't agree with you but you seem to be among the few who has something to say that makes sense. And you seem to back up your points of view with the thoughts of others who might be wiser then you or them. Not only that but you have alot of stamana. Too bad most who post here can't open their eyes and see or even fear what might happen to them. What kind of a idiot would even wonder why we need a top bond rating? But your right ...more
By facts man (148), east hampton on Jul 28, 11 12:10 PM
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The chances of agreeing with eachother on everything is as remote, as each of us is human.

I appreciate the compliment, and if you didn't listen to the Diane Rehm show this morning, you missed a scorcher about the skyrocketing disparity which has grown like wildfire since the Reagan tax cuts.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 28, 11 3:36 PM
Two days ago the Congressional Budget Office determined that Boehner's plan comes up 25% short of his claims. At only 900 billion and short term, it would be futile to even waste time on trying to pass it.

It's way past time for all the overpaid egotistical, immature "voices of the people" in Washington to start to work for the populace, not the parties.
By VOS (1241), WHB on Jul 28, 11 2:25 PM
I sincerely hope when this is all over that congress votes to give themselve's a raise for the extra hours they put it for all this!
By LovinLife (61), East Quogue on Jul 28, 11 3:11 PM

By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 28, 11 5:40 PM
Some excerpts from Teddy Roosevelt's speech at Osawatomie. I encourage all to read the entireity yourselves.

"We come here to-day to commemorate one of the epochmaking events of the long struggle for the rights of man - the long struggle for the uplift of humanity. Our country - this great Republic - means nothing unless it means the triumph of a real democracy, the triumph of popular government, and, in the long run, of an economic system under which each man shall be guaranteed the opportunity ...more
Jul 28, 11 10:38 PM appended by Mr. Z
"No man should receive a dollar unless that dollar has been fairly earned. Every dollar received should represent a dollar's worth of service rendered - not gambling in stocks, but service rendered. The really big fortune, the swollen fortune, by the mere fact of its size acquires qualities which differentiate it in kind as well as in degree from what is possessed by men of relatively small means. Therefore, I believe in a graduated income tax on big fortunes, and in another tax which is far more easily collected and far more effective - a graduated inheritance tax on big fortunes, properly safeguarded against evasion and increasing rapidly in amount with the size of the estate."
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 28, 11 10:38 PM
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here's a suggestion, you conduct a seance and give big teddy a message for me: mind your own business.
By local69 (65), southampton on Jul 29, 11 7:00 AM
One of the greatest statemsmen, and orators to walk American soil, and that's your opinion?


Maybe you would prefer Frederick Douglass?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 29, 11 6:56 PM
Today is July 28th, Earth Year 002,011.

Plenty of time to fix things, or screw them up with royal impatience.

Sad IMO that that this has come down to the wire like this.

Why do all the politicians in Washington DC keep pointing fingers and polarizing this debate into "We" and "Them?"

We are one body.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Please wake up America, and all posters here!

Have a good weekend.
By PBR (4956), Southampton on Jul 28, 11 8:07 PM
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For all you libs that feared boehners plan would take away Medicare and eliminate social security.... Have you hugged your tea party friends today
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Jul 29, 11 6:15 AM
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Well whaddaya know. Despite what the losers, miscreants, deviants, drunk drivers, wife beaters, tax evaders, drug addicts and infidels in D.C. do, I'm putting the left shoe on, then the right shoe, and marching out to go do my job. no debt ceiling needs to be raised, no spending cuts and no free lunches. I happily do this because now that it is past May, I have stopped working for the man and get to keep a portion of what I make from June-December, at my particular tax rate. Except whatever ...more
By local69 (65), southampton on Jul 29, 11 6:56 AM
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You really need to read Bastiat...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 29, 11 6:55 PM
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Any plan that doesn't reduce spending and entitlement is not a plan worth considering. The American Ponzi economy has reached critical mass. Simple math, if you spend more than you earn you eventually will be screwed.

To all those who continue to defend the current Administration by blaming GW Bush I propose the following analogy...
If you hired plumber A to install a sink and he created a leak would you fire him? Yes (GW Bush)
Would you hire a replacement plumber based on promises ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 29, 11 9:16 AM
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The problem with your "entitlement" arguement, is that the "wealthy" and the "elite", have had their most recent entitlements.

Via the 16 TRILLION dollars dispensed from the U.S. Treasury, via the most recent bailouts.

Via "trickle down" economics, lesser "entitlement programs" ARE required due to the engorgement "at the top".
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 30, 11 12:24 AM
Understood, but you seem to focus and put blame on the wealthy more so than that of the recklessness of govt spending. To me it's not a question of "should the wealthy pay more" than "why should the wealthy have to pay more?" I say it starts with government spending, and a change in philosophy of what America is becoming (ie. what can the govt do for me and how do I get someone else to pay for it.)
I'm not rich, but if I made a couple million dollars a year and the govt was taking half of it ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 30, 11 9:18 AM
I always say how I have little love for Newt Gingrich, but respect for that Congress.

Need I say more?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 2, 11 7:44 PM
All this to satisfy the greed of the monied class who brought this economy to where it is...
By the mink (11), Westhampton Beach on Jul 29, 11 9:51 AM
2 members liked this comment
True to a point, but until the USA gets back to being a manufacturing economy and mandates fair trade (sorry China) then we'll never find stable footing. Americans need to become realistic in what they expect in terms of compensation for their skills. $25.00 hour and 3/4 pension after 20 years for tightening screws just won't fly anymore. You want to be paid like a superstar? Then get educated and bring superstar skill sets to the workforce.

With our resources and labor pool there isn't ...more
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 29, 11 10:34 AM
1 member liked this comment
There are those of us who do have skills, whom the "elite" have brokered into the poorhouse.

Imagine being 25, on Long Island. Nothing will change, until the "elite" pay their fair share, and stop hoarding 130 trillion dollars unto themselves...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 29, 11 6:58 PM
1 member liked this comment
Good points. I don't always agree with you, but you certainly make strong arguments. As I wrote above, I intend on checking out some of the reads noted. I wish everyone here had the ability to debate on substance. Good stuff, Z.
By double standard (1506), Remsenburg on Jul 29, 11 8:39 PM
Mr Z, Fair Share are you for real ? The elite as you call them are already taxed over 50 % when half the county pays No income tax at all. seems to me its not the wealthy that needs to start paying there fair share. furthermore it has been proved over the past few days that if you taxed the so called Corporate Jet owners double what they pay now . The extra "Revenue" or TAX would fund what the country is spending annually for 1 Hour! you progressive hacks are Laughable.
By Undocumented Democrat (2065), southampton on Jul 29, 11 11:00 PM
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Listen, I'll trust the people at MIT, before I trust my own government.

THAT, should tell you something...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 29, 11 11:58 PM
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You are looking at the wrong tax stats.

The "bar" in our society is ultimately set by FEDERAL income tax.

Stop being a dope, and look past the small s**t.
Jul 30, 11 12:02 AM appended by Mr. Z
You never learned the "law of averages", or,passed the "cause and effect" portions of the "achievement tests", did you?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 30, 11 12:02 AM
@ Undocumented Democrat:

Refer to recent MIT study. "Elite" effective tax rate: 18%.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 2, 11 7:42 PM
Precious stuff ...The NY Slimes calls Barry "The Invisible Man". Milka reported all the Dem's on capitol hill saying "the president is not capable of producing a plan and has no leadership skills" Gallop had O at 39 % pres. approval today. Peggy Noonan on Chris Matthews "So he is losing a battle in which he had superior forces—the presidency, the U.S. Senate. In the process he revealed that his foes have given him too much mystique. He is not a devil, an alien, a socialist. He is a loser. ...more
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Jul 29, 11 10:27 PM
His "legal team" interpreting the Fourteenth Amendment.


I. personally, have had my fill of enough.

De pecuniae segregation must be put to an end.

Jul 30, 11 12:00 AM appended by Mr. Z
I mean, seriously, is this Hollywood, or Washington D.C. ?
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 30, 11 12:00 AM
Executive Order n. 1. You are all a band of fools, and to avoid more serious consequences, I hereby raise taxes on the upper 2.6% of the economy by reaiized tax rate, +15% effective every three years, for the next 7 years.

Since, the country is mostly, technically bankrupt, I figure two ten percent increases would be fair, and manageable.
Jul 30, 11 12:16 AM appended by Mr. Z
AND, NO MORE MORTGAGE DEDUCTIONS FOR SECOND "HOMES". Yout want "luxury"? You better be willing to pay for it, if you already have "one".
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 30, 11 12:16 AM
Z you fail to point out that the defecit can not be solved with ridiculous tax hikes based on a "never gonna happen" executive order. Economics 101 further states that you don't raise taxes in a fragile economy.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Jul 31, 11 11:23 PM
That rule was written long before the upper 3% held a 130 trillion dollar "war chest", to buy themselves a Plutocracy.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 2, 11 7:40 PM
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Mr Z since you seem to have broke into daddys liqure cabinet tonight you might enjoy this tid bit,
The birth certificate please! Subpoena to be delivered
Attorney, doc experts to show up at Hawaii Department of Health with court document
Posted: July 28, 2011
11:15 pm Eastern
Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena that should allow her to examine ...more
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Jul 30, 11 12:49 AM
Actually, I only had two cocktails, around 6 PM.

But, thanks for your concern.

It would be nice for there to be a bonafide end to that controversy.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Jul 30, 11 2:08 PM
to dan27:

You forgot to accredit the report. It comes from WorldNetDaily and BirtherReport.com. As far as I can discover, no other media source, mainstream or amateur, has picked it up. It's simply not newsworthy.

While the subpoena is factual, everything else is supposition. Yes, IF the birth certificate is fraudulent, then further stuff will happen. But first, the birth certificate has to be shown to be fraudulent. Since every such allegation has crashed in flames, the ...more
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Jul 31, 11 2:34 PM
Excuse me sir, If you goggle : Computer scanning expert Doug Vogt and typesetting expert Paul Irey say they will accompany attorney Orly Taitz when she presents to the Hawaii Department of Health a subpoena . You will find at least 3 dozen sources for the story. Yes, The New Your Slimes is not one of those sources, but facts are facts and I for one would like to know why no document experts have said this document is not a forgery. You can't explain kerning and multiple typefaces on this document ...more
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Jul 31, 11 9:36 PM
And how do you explain the fact that two Hawaiian newspapers published birth announcements in 1961? Maybe Marty McFly and Doc Brown had something to do with that?
By VOS (1241), WHB on Aug 1, 11 4:26 AM
Maybe they wanted him to have the privileges of a sucker nation that punishes success and then hands over others hard earned money
By They call me (2826), southampton on Aug 2, 11 9:14 PM
Explain why he would spend 2.2 million to keep he birth certificate from being released in court? There are many members of our military that want to know don't you think that people who could lose there lives based on his orders deserve to know that his has the right to give those orders?
He has proved during this debt crisis he is not a leader, And It is possible he may turn out to not even be a citizen.
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Jul 31, 11 9:36 PM
Remove teabag - insert intelligent thought.
By razza5351 (551), East Hampton on Jul 31, 11 9:51 PM
this is all you need to know about the obama crime family:

The Obama Crime Family:

A family of rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers,adulterers, murderers, tax cheats and illegal aliens.

Abo Obama

He was barred from entering the United Kingdom after receiving a police c aution for a public order offence; he was also accused of a sex attack on a young teen girl. At the time he had been living illegally in the UK.

Aunt Zeituni.

Illegal Alien living ...more
By local69 (65), southampton on Aug 2, 11 8:30 AM
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Moderators, you are letting this comment stand? Disgusting. You should be as embarrassed as the ignoramus who posted it.
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Aug 3, 11 11:54 AM
2 members liked this comment
The comment stands, now you sit. hahahaha. Looks like the ignoramus who posted it has more of an understanding of the rights of our citizens in the usa that you do, mr. progressnow..and i say mr. because i know some of your progressive women. time to shave.
By local69 (65), southampton on Aug 4, 11 6:39 AM
Well, "pedophilia" was condoned in the days of the Roman Empire. It was perfectly acceptable, for THOUSANDS of years, for an older man to have a relationship with a much younger one.

Relationships engaged in before puberty, however, warranted death...
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 5, 11 8:14 PM
local69-- this is just plain wrong. 27 East has got to ban this guy. He can have a contrary opinion for sure but its got to be more then lies and slander. There needs to be some supporting work that doesn't come from others who spew slander and lies. There needs to be an ability to debate and reasonability discuss the issues. this guy is beyond the pail and needs to be removed from public discussion on this and future posts. Fact
By facts man (148), east hampton on Aug 2, 11 12:09 PM
2 members liked this comment
What is equally disgusting is big fresh having "liked" the comment. Thanks to both of you for demonstrating what Obama has been up against. Your vile, abhorrent and hateful rhetoric says more about you then it does the president.
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Aug 2, 11 7:57 PM
1 member liked this comment
Ban him ? But not Phill For blindly supporting a guy who has so many guilty by association ties its comical. I think not.
By They call me (2826), southampton on Aug 2, 11 9:11 PM
1 member liked this comment
thay call me . . . you are an embarrassment to all who know you
By progressnow (556), sag harbor on Aug 3, 11 11:55 AM
1 member liked this comment
Aww fake razza doesn't like me. Whats wrong cant handle the truth. You CAN must definitely judge a person by the company they keep like your supposed sharing of a computer with 5351. lets look just one more time at Barry's friend list. Shall we?
By They call me (2826), southampton on Aug 3, 11 1:36 PM
2 members liked this comment
By local69 (65), southampton on Aug 4, 11 6:40 AM
Congrats to local69 for posting a stereotypical informal fallacy as proof of a proposition and to bigfresh and they call me for liking it.

Thank goodness the Press does NOT censor dubious contributions. Should we need to assess the gravitas of future posts by the above correspondents, we will need local69's opus for reference.
By highhatsize (4217), East Quogue on Aug 3, 11 12:49 PM
2 members liked this comment
"I don't regret setting bombs, I don't think we did enough." If the shady attorney from chi town and his ilk and you think the tea party are terrorists, you certainly undertstand that that statement was issued by Bill Ayers, the Prez's left hand terrorist. Obama is a very bad person and so is Soros and Van Jones. Will you want me banned for saying that? How about this, I know who highhatsize is.
By sparkyibew (6), southampton on Aug 4, 11 6:37 AM
2 members liked this comment
Seek help,sparky. Seek help
By razza5351 (551), East Hampton on Aug 6, 11 12:38 AM
well welll well this is what we wake up to today 2012 cant come soon enough
this is reminding me more and more of the Carter administration every day.
U.S. debt shoots up $239 billion -- in one day!
Gov't will borrow $72B next week...
Obama, Bernanke out of ammo to boost jobs, growth...
Scary Market Chart Pattern Suggests More Selling on Way...
Economy struggles to find footing...
Gold at $2,000 by year-end...
prez throws himself a ...more
By They call me (2826), southampton on Aug 4, 11 9:19 AM
Christ, you are a moron.
By Mr. Z (11847), North Sea on Aug 5, 11 8:10 PM
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how do you figure he is a moron he was right. he posted that at 919 in the morning and a few hours later we lost 500 points on the Dow. good call TCM maybe you should manage my portfolio
By 27dan (2854), Southampton on Aug 6, 11 12:05 AM