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Feb 10, 2010 10:21 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Hooters hoax in Bridgehampton

Feb 10, 2010 10:21 AM

A sign announcing that a small garage on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton would soon be home to a Hooters restaurant—famous for its hot pants-wearing, buxom waitresses—caused a stir in the community over the weekend.

However, Albert McCoy, the owner of the service station and the land, said the sign was a joke.

“I did not make the sign, and did not put it up,” Mr. McCoy said. “It was put up as a goof. It was up for a few hours Friday.”

Mr. McCoy would not reveal who the jokester was, or explain the thinking behind the prank. The sign was taken down by Saturday, he said.

Mr. McCoy’s garage is slated to become a gas station with a convenience store. The Southampton Town Planning Board gave Mr. McCoy approval for the station and store last year, and he expects it to open June 1. He said he is not yet sure which brand of gas station will operate at the corner.

The site plan calls for a 1,200-square-foot convenience store that will be part of a two-story, 3,648-square-foot building that will include an office on the second floor and a basement.

The land is currently home to a 1,200-square-foot garage that has a small office in it.

Jessica DiNapoli

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Too bad. Hooters would have been great for the area.
By YEAROUNDER (81), East Hampton on Feb 8, 10 3:39 PM
I think this is hysterical. Lighten up people--someone was just have a little fun!
By Mrs.Sea (268), Sag Harbor on Feb 8, 10 3:58 PM
I agree completely Yearrounder. Hooters would do a great business around here. Too bad the stuffy people in charge would never allow it to happen.
By itsamazing (224), Southampton on Feb 8, 10 4:09 PM
Isn't it a sad statement that everyone agrees this type of business would be a huge success in the area, Yet it is somehow kept out......Is this still America?
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Feb 8, 10 4:21 PM
Very sad indeed.
By YEAROUNDER (81), East Hampton on Feb 8, 10 4:50 PM
Crap. I was just getting ready to apply to be a Hooters waitress.
By Uncle Fester (61), Southampton on Feb 8, 10 5:52 PM
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oh my god a hooters...god forbid a good year round place to eat and socialize..this Town is ran by dinosaurs!
By BlueStreak (34), East End on Feb 8, 10 6:08 PM
This was a bit like the sign on Jobs Lane advertizing the coming of a combination biker shop and tatoo parlor a few years back. Now, THAT was funny!
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Feb 8, 10 6:56 PM
Maybe if they promised to serve fish instead of wings and put the girls in turtle neck sweaters, Maybe then they would be welcome. Dinosaurs indeed!
By joe hampton (3461), south hampton on Feb 8, 10 7:46 PM
I only go for the wings!
By hamptonchic (11), Bridgehampton on Feb 8, 10 8:44 PM
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By david h (405), southampton on Feb 9, 10 8:38 AM
come on Albie i know you want hooters also
By fdny7318 (60), Water Mill on Feb 9, 10 11:21 AM
You could have both!
Wings and a gold drink while you get an oil change!
Just a thought!
By hamptonchic (11), Bridgehampton on Feb 10, 10 9:17 AM
It would have been a Gold Mine. I think there are only 2 others on Long Island. Hamptons Hooters.
By 1640sWhaler (74), Sag Harbor/Easthampton on Feb 11, 10 11:51 AM
hamptonchic,probably buys playboy just for the articals too!! haha!!
By montauk resident (41), montauk on Feb 12, 10 2:15 PM
we are a small town,striving to hold on to our mom and pop stores. if you cannot help us, or do not want to, please leave. next you people will want a walmart.
By local (106), north sea on Feb 12, 10 7:15 PM
Well, it's nice to know there are at least a few people left out there with a sense of humor. Personally, I think this is brilliant. What makes it truly funny is that the public reacted exactly as the joke's creator knew they would. There is nothing wrong with a good laugh!
By Cdwyer213 (68), Quogue on Feb 13, 10 9:14 AM
The fact that all of you want a Hooters, but you can't lead yourself to a town hall or village meeting is really the joke here. Seriously, all of you complain that the town is run by dinosaurs, yet you do absolutely nothing about it is hilarious. Get with the program folks, it's your community!
By Puros (30), Hampton Bays on Feb 13, 10 6:34 PM
By polito (14), wainscott on Feb 16, 10 11:05 AM

Puros - What I find hilarious is that you think we’re going lead our self to town hall asking for Hooters without a location, franchise and a financial backer. What kind of moron would go to town hall asking for Hooters without anything except a coming soon sign... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Thx for the giggle Puros
By NSea (10), Southampton on Feb 16, 10 2:24 PM