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Dec 15, 2009 12:31 PMPublication: The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press

Rumors swirl about Madonna buying a Bridgehampton horse farm

Dec 15, 2009 12:31 PM

Rumors continue to swirl that pop icon Madonna is intent on purchasing a Bridgehampton horse farm.

Though no papers have yet been signed, according to a local real estate heavy hitter who spoke on condition of anonymity, the singer is in fact close to buying the 26-acre Wild Ocean Farm on Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton to house several of her horses. But the insider stressed that the private deal between current owner Kelly Klein, the ex-wife of designer Calvin Klein, and her friend and fellow horsewoman, Madonna, could be killed due to rampant gossip and intense press speculation.

Earlier this year, the singer changed her main locale from London, where she had shared a home with husband Guy Ritchie, to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where she purchased an apartment. She’s been a somewhat regular visitor to the East End lately and this past April, she was injured in a fall while riding horseback at photographer Steven Klein’s West Kill Farm in Bridgehampton.

The Mitchell Lane property owned by Ms. Klein was once owned by neighbor and lifetime East Ender Benny Graboski. His mother and father purchased the land in 1928 after settling in this country from Poland and used it grow potatoes, once the most prolific crop on the East End.

Mr. Graboski took over the family farm in 1955 after his father died. He later sold the 26-acre agriculture-restricted plot to actress Stefanie Powers, best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the television series “Hart to Hart,” and her cousin, Geri Bauer.

Ms. Powers and Ms. Bauer kept horses on the property, as has Ms. Klein. And since the land is zoned restricted for agricultural use only, and not residential use, Madonna will not be allowed to build a house on the land should she purchase the plot.

Mr. Graboski expressed regard for the horse people who have been his neighbors over the last several years, and also for the person who might be the newest addition to the area. “While recent owners have been high profile, the horse farm operations have been low key. The horses have been well taken care of and the barns and paddocks have been very well maintained,” he said. “They have been very good neighbors and I’m sure that will carry on with Madonna. We welcome her to the neighborhood.”

There has also been talk that Madonna is interested in purchasing an adjoining 23-acre property as well. That piece of land is currently in contract for a joint purchase of development rights by Suffolk County and Southampton Town, according to Southampton Town Councilwoman Nancy Graboski, who is married to Benny Graboski.

During a telephone interview on Monday morning, George Simpson, owner of Suffolk Research Service, reported that no deed had yet been filed on the property, but he added that the arrival of Madonna is nothing but good news for the East End.

“That’s what feeds the Hamptons is celebrity,” he said. “If P. Diddy throws a party, then the price of real estate goes up.”

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Yes, Mr. Graboski, I am sure you are eager to welcome Madonna as your neighbor.
By dagdavid (646), southampton on Dec 14, 09 12:30 PM
Who cares.
By classytf3 (2), SOUTHAMPTON on Dec 15, 09 1:05 PM
"But the insider stressed that the private deal between current owner Kelly Klein, the ex-wife of designer Calvin Klein, and her friend and fellow horsewoman, Madonna, could be killed due to rampant gossip and intense press speculation."

Ah, yes, a built-in excuse for the deal not materializing -- this very story!

I guess there must be a slow news cycle this week,
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Dec 15, 09 2:28 PM
This is really a trashy story!
By Frank Wheeler (1826), Northampton on Dec 15, 09 2:29 PM
Old news. Knew about this months ago.
By goldenrod (505), southampton on Dec 15, 09 2:44 PM
Is this really considered 'news'? Sounds like something for a gossip blog to me!
By sagharborlocal80 (2), Sag Harbor on Dec 15, 09 3:28 PM
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Wasn't Tiger buying a house on Gin Lane?
By Draggerman (955), Southampton on Dec 15, 09 7:57 PM
I am so privileged : )
By year round (22), southampton on Dec 16, 09 1:16 AM
By fdny7318 (60), Water Mill on Dec 16, 09 12:20 PM
Were are talking about land for horses what about land for the people of Bridgehampton!!!!!!! Who cares about the people of Bridgehampton?????
By Bridgehampton (36), Bridgehampton on Dec 22, 09 4:34 AM