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The Arts

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Tour The Art Barge With Southampton Town Aug 16, 19 10:49 AM

In March 1960, the late Victor D’Amico, the founding director of the education department at the Museum of Modern Art, got his... more

Artist Ugo Rondinone Turns Guild Hall Into A Series of Sunny Days Aug 13, 19 2:48 PM

It’s almost impossible to view the current installation at East Hampton’s Guild Hall and not be cheered by its vivid... more

Ashawagh Hall Hosts 'Three Roads, Three Artists' Art Show Aug 12, 19 4:19 PM

“Three Roads, Three Artists,” an exhibition featuring work by Kirsten Benfield, Kurt Giehl and Daniel Vernola, will... more

Pondering The Dangers Of The New Cold War Aug 12, 19 4:19 PM

The Nation editorial director and publisher, Katrina vanden Heuvel and Professor Stephen Cohen will be at Canio’s Books in... more

Photographer Puts Old-Time Techniques To Modern Use Aug 12, 19 3:38 PM

Joni Sternbach is willing to do what it takes to get the photo. And, in the mid-1990s, that meant hauling her large-format camera... more

Street Artist Mitchell Schorr Shows His Many Colors At The Spur Aug 12, 19 3:26 PM

If you want to distill the essence of Mitchell Schorr’s artwork down to just two words, you might try these: “Outside”... more

Artists Thinking Outside — And Inside — The Box To Benefit East End Hospice Aug 12, 19 2:53 PM

Frank Wimberley is not one for procrastination.

Historically, the Sag Harbor-based painter has conceptualized and executed... more

The Way We Played: Sag Harbor Whaling Museum Offers A Fresh Take On Old Toys Aug 12, 19 2:34 PM

While the string of popular animated Pixar films tend to come to mind when you hear the words “Toy Story,” currently,... more

Living On The Edge With Climate Change Aug 12, 19 2:34 PM

Long Island’s well-being depends on a healthy environment, and on Thursday, August 15, from 6 to 8 p.m., Kevin McAllister,... more

Julie Keyes Offers Literary Events Aug 12, 19 2:26 PM

Julie Keyes generally hosts openings for artists at her Sag Harbor gallery adjacent to the American Hotel on Main Street.

But... more

'Modern Mentalist' Brings His Sleight Of Hand To The Hamptons Aug 12, 19 2:07 PM

In creating his hybrid style of mentalism and magic, Kevin Nicholas astounds audiences like few others can. His craft has taken... more

Bill Keller And Joe Shaw Discuss What's News At Rogers Memorial Library Aug 12, 19 1:43 PM

What is truth in the era of fake news? How can you tell legitimate sources from pretenders?

With those questions in mind,... more

OptonSonic Tea Brings Live Visuals And Audio To The Parrish Art Museum Aug 12, 19 12:33 PM

For 2019 Platform, the Parrish Art Museum features a two-part project by the New York City-based artist collective OptoSonic Tea,... more

Of Fields And Fences At Madoo Aug 12, 19 12:33 PM

“The field was tended and cherished like any object of vertu. Unlike porcelain, however, whose pieces may be glued, the field... more

Brazilian Jazz on the Terrace Aug 12, 19 12:27 PM

Hendrik Meurkens, a harmonica and vibraphone virtuoso who is considered a master of Brazilian jazz, is a regular of the New York... more
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