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Frederick W. Ritz Of Bridgehampton Dies July 18 Jul 29, 19 3:44 PM

Frederick W. Ritz, a lifelong resident of Bridgehampton, died from complications of a stroke on July 18, 2019, at the Kanas Center... more

Albert S. Hedges, Formerly Of Bridgehampton, Dies June 24 Jul 1, 19 4:26 PM

Albert S. Hedges

Albert S. Hedges of Calverton, formerly of Bridgehampton, died June 24,... more

Lucille Covell, Formerly Of Bridgehampton, Dies June 29 Jul 1, 19 4:10 PM

Lucille Claire Covell, formerly of Bridgehampton, died June 29, 2019, in hospice care in Florida. She was 90, just 11 days shy... more

Bonnie Bernstein Dies Jul 1, 19 2:48 PM

Bonnie Bernstein of Bridgehampton and Manhattan died June 26, 2019.

She was predeceased by her husband, Paul Bernstein;... more

Priscilla Paulsen Miller Of Bridgehampton Dies June 3 Jun 25, 19 2:57 PM

Priscilla Paulsen Miller died June 3, 2019, at her home in Bridgehampton. She was 72.

Born January 12, 1947, in Glen Cove,... more

Albert Hedges Of Bridgehampton Dies June 24 Jun 25, 19 11:28 AM

Albert Hedges, 84, of Bridgehampton died on June 24, 2019, in Riverhead.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction... more

Marjorie Reese Ludlow, 101, Dies June 6 Jun 11, 19 1:09 PM

Marjorie Reese Ludlow died at her home in Bridgehampton on June 6, 2019. She was 101.

Born January 12, 1918, in Yonkers,... more

Former Dow Jones CEO Warren Phillips Dies May 10 May 14, 19 1:01 PM

Warren H. Phillips, a former chief executive officer of Dow Jones & Co., died at his home in Bridgehampton on May 10, 2019. He... more

Former Wall Street Journal Publisher Warren H. Phillips Dies At 92 May 10, 19 10:18 PM

Warren H. Phillips, a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and a former CEO of Dow Jones, died on Friday at his Bridgehampton... more

Dorothy L. Daly, Formerly Of Bridgehampton, Dies April 2 Apr 16, 19 11:52 AM

Dorothy Lawson Daly of Jupiter, Florida, formerly of Bridgehampton and Manhattan, died on April 2, 2019. She was 88.

Born... more

Dorothy Lawson Daly Dies April 2 Apr 2, 19 2:08 PM

Dorothy Lawson DalyDorothy Lawson Daly, 88, formerly of Bridgehampton, died April 2, 2019, in Florida.

Funeral arrangements... more

Gloria Talmage, Formerly Of Bridgehampton, Dies March 16 Mar 26, 19 10:05 AM

Gloria Simpson Talmage, formerly of Bridgehampton, died on March 16, 2019, in Port St. Lucie Florida. She was 90.

Born... more

Gary Bartoloni Dies February 28 Mar 19, 19 3:22 PM

Gary Bartoloni, 64, of Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor died February 28, 2019, in Florida, of cardiac arrest.

Born in Brooklyn,... more

Marian Walker Robinson Dies January 8 Feb 27, 19 4:42 PM

Marian Walker Robinson of Green Bay, Virginia, formerly of Southampton, died on January 8, 2019. She was 76.

She is survived... more

Susanna Kirkbride Scott Of Bridgehampton Dies February 15 Feb 19, 19 3:44 PM

Susanna Kirkbride Scott died at her home in Bridgehampton on February 15, 2019. She was 63.

Known to many as “Suki,”... more