Saunders, Real Estate, Hamptons

Reviews by Ibill

Brewology Sep 24, 15 2:38 PM
beer choice outstanding, food very good but acoustics are very loud and noisy.
Stone Creek Inn Aug 3, 11 11:38 AM
Always enjoy a great meal and a nice bottle of wine. This is the place.......best around, excellent chef and Maitre 'd. Fun bar.
One of the two best West of the canal. Superior dining.
Jul 9, 14 11:38 AM appended by Stone Creek Inn
Martini Grill Jul 29, 11 10:36 AM
The owner/operators are highly respected in our community and will do a super job with a difficult location ( historically). Great paella!! Great chef!!
Turned out the food was great, but they got greedy with prices. Out of business last Winter.
Jul 9, 14 10:36 AM appended by Martini Grill
Post Stop Cafe Feb 18, 11 1:55 PM
Perfect- home cooking, food great, great owner and staff. ngo there whenever I can.
Still excellent season after season. Clean, fresh paint and shiny floors and new window dressings. Food consistent and very good. Owner supervised every day.
Jul 9, 14 1:55 PM appended by Post Stop Cafe
Pearl Restaurant Feb 16, 11 2:46 PM
The food is very tasty and there is a big variety, The sushi bar is very fresh, and the Habachi area seats a good number of people.
New ownership, and haven't attended.
Jul 9, 14 2:46 PM appended by Pearl Restaurant