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Reviews by Capt. Phil

CowFish Jun 26, 13 9:42 AM
Aesthetically, a real winner. Great views, nice outdoor seating for relaxation, viewing the bay. Food is good: not great. Limited menu but for what there is, it's OK. Very good clam chowder, salads. Flounder we had was tasty. What kept Cowfish from a higher rating, for us, was poor service. Drinks were delivered one at a time: no glass for the beer, no straws for the kids. Menus were left on the table after ordering. No refills offered, no ketchup for the fries, no water offered. No bread, no butter, the land of "no"... The noise level is VERY high.
Duryea's Lobster Deck Aug 24, 12 1:58 PM
What in heaven's name happened to this place? It used to be a real pleasure and a highlight of summer to go here. We went last week and it was awful! Steamed mussels that were barely warm, shriveled, and served in a dry bowl, no broth, and they were tasteless. A lobster roll at $21 when lobster is under $4 a POUND! Served with limp potato chips, no less. The dock is all busted up and a mess. Place seems run down and on the verge of collapse. Until they fix up this wreck and get a new chef, don't bother--especially at their ridiculous prices!
Cappelletti Restaurant Mar 3, 10 5:57 PM
I have known Luigi and his family for quite some time, back in the Espresso days...His incarnation on Noyac Road is just superb. He cares passionately about his offerings--and customer service, a rarity these days. We have had nothing but great experiences here over at least ten visits. I would recommend Cappeleti as one of the very best restaurants in the Hamptons. Go and enjoy...
Phao Jun 14, 09 10:36 AM
Certainly trendy, but maybe a little too much so: I am guessing that the owners were trying to recreate the look and feel of a "hip" Thai bistro but what results is more of a semi-"Grunge" establishment that borders on the bleak. Wire mesh screens separate dining areas instead of the silk tapestries that one might find in a "real" Thai dining spot. The partitition between the bar and dining area is what's left from ripping out the previous walls. The place is stark, dark and incredibly noisy. I also didn't get the choice of music: Santana came blasting out of the walls instead of something more appropriate ethnically. It felt more like one of the cheap dives that I remember from a bad night in Manilla than something that I experienced in much more attractive Bangkok. The service was acceptable but nothing special and our wait person was almost belligerant when one of our party had to turn back a main dish piled with shrimp, to which she is allergic. She had ordered noodles, with no mention of shrimp. The rice was hard, not at all soft or fluffy and the beef in my meat-and-potatoes curry was as pliable as shoe leather. Dishes came out on a staggered basis and none were initially served to the correct party. As noted by the previous reviewer, the prices are pretty reasonable, for a Hamptons "hot spot" but prices don't matter when the food is average at best and the atmosphere sulky and borderline depressing.