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Reviews by ami1969

Pierre's Feb 19, 10 7:37 PM
Anything we've eaten here has been very good - escargots, French toast, beef tartare, bouillabaisse, onion bacon tart, French onion soup - and the service has been friendly and professional.
Stone Creek Inn Feb 19, 10 7:05 PM
Favorite restaurant on the East End... where price is matched by quality. Service is attentive but not overly so. Decor is serene and quietly lit. Food has been consistently wonderful - restaurant week, high summer, late in the day, whatever...
red/bar brasserie Feb 19, 10 6:43 PM
Loud and uneven... Out of four diners, only one dish was memorable. The others ranged from mediocre to dismal disappointment.
Best Taste Restaurant Feb 19, 10 6:34 PM
best Chinese take away I've had in the Hamptons
Matsulin Asian Food Feb 19, 10 6:32 PM
I'm always suspicious when a restaurant touts more than one type of ethnic food... How can they execute all of it well? Not to fear at Matsulin. We've tried something from each of the menus - Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, etc. - all wonderful. Pair great food with attentive service and serene decor? I'm hooked.
Phao Feb 19, 10 6:25 PM
Abysmal. Decor means nothing when the food is dreadful. Unable to execute a dish as simple as Tom Yum Goong? Tasted like pure fish sauce - odiferous and acidic. Out of four different dishes, one was decent. The only time I've sent something back to the kitchen...