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Reviews by Mr Suffolk

Le Chef Nov 15, 10 1:40 PM
Solid, small, though at times predictable.
Gators Restaurant Nov 15, 10 1:39 PM
Solid comfort food at a reasonable price. Atmosphere is comfortable without it being too loud.
Paul's Italian Restaurant Nov 15, 10 1:36 PM
If price is your only concern, by Southampton standards, Paul's is a solid choice. As far as pizza goes, the pies are a bit tasteless; the sauce watered-down. But there's something for everyone on the menu, and the place is ordinary enough where you can bring kids and not have to worry if they are too loud or messy.
Princess Diner Nov 15, 10 9:23 AM
Probably one of my favorite diners of all time. The place is clean, price is right and food is solid. Way better than the Hampton Bays Diner, anyway.