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Reviews by happychik86

Fresno Feb 15, 10 5:06 PM
I would give five stars to Fresno, but I just can only give five stars to Italian or Mexican restaurants. They're really the best food ever and nothing else compares.
But, the food at Fresno was delicious for what it was. I got calves liver--which I have never had before, but wanted to try--and the person I was with tried out the chicken with brussel sprouts and Yukon gold potatoes (minus the pancetta).
My liver was very tasty and buttery, and it came with bacon, really mushy, carmely onions, and mashed potatoes. I figured I would like it because I like liverwurst, and I was right.
I tried a bite of the chicken, which I typically don't like because it's very dry and tasteless. But, it was actually delicious and juicy and had lots of good rosemary flavors.
For dessert, we shared a chocolate cake that came with a weird ice cream. The cake was supposed to be infused with Nutella, but I didn't taste any. Too bad. But, it was so rich, warm, and chocolaty that it didn't matter. The ice cream was hazelnut flavored, and was also good.
The atmosphere was very nice--candlelit, with mirrors, big windows, and a cozy bar. The tables were a little close together, but, all the better for eavesdropping.
I'm not sure if I would go back (it was expensive, and if I were going to another expensive place, I'd want to try something new). But, if you're looking for a fancy-pants restaurant with good, rich, gourmet food that's not too crowded or noisy, I recommend Fresno.
La Parmigiana Oct 19, 09 3:35 PM
I was very surprised to find out how delicious the food at this restaurant is! I'm very discrimate when it comes to Italian food, and I would definitely come here again. A slice of pizza from La Parmigiana is the next on my list.
Recently, I tried a baby eggplant and pasta dish, and the pasta was cooked al dente to perfection. The eggplant melted like butter in my mouth, too. Yum. Can't wait to eat my leftovers.
I was with someone who ordered gnocchi with pesto (a different combination) and that was also delicious.
The salads we got for free before the meal were also not the run-of-the-mill iceberg lettuce and mushy tomato variety. They were rather good, actually!
Also, the deli has a nice selection of hard-to-find foods. I saw they have Moretti beer (awesome dark Italian beer) and Nutella as well as these really good Italian wafer cookies. I've yet to see Nutella in any grocery stores on the East End.
Of course, a restaurant like this with equally good food located either up-the-island or upstate would be much less expensive. But that's chic Southampton for you!
Bun & Burger Oct 19, 09 11:05 AM
The next best thing to a diner in Westhampton Beach ... and it's super-inexpensive.
I recently had breakfast at Bun "n" Burger and it was dirt-cheap--$10.55 for an onion and pepper omlette and two eggs over easy, both of which were delicious.
I liked that instead of just hash browns on the side with eggs, you have a choice of either sliced tomatos or french fries. I opted for the sliced tomatoes, and they were surprisingly fresh! I'll definitely go back.
The joint was hoppin', too. Every table was packed and there was a line to get in.
And ... the cheesy wood paneling rocks!
New Moon Cafe Sep 28, 09 1:40 PM
I love Tex-Mex food but I have gone to New Moon many times and left disappointed. Recently, though, I tried out the place again and had a delicious creamy apple parsnip soup and amazing nachos topped with chicken and one really spicy pepper. The pepper was so spicy my ears hurt and my eyes teared up, and I had to order a glass of milk, so watch out for that!
I also ordered a great pumpkin beer. And I had a cute waiter!
So that one recent good experience has made up for some less-than-stellar meals.
Just another annoyance: EVEN THOUGH it's a Tex-Mex joint you have to pay for chips and salsa.
I'd say avoid the hamburgers and go for the Tex-Mex options.
Orlando's Cafe Sep 14, 09 1:25 PM
I had a delicious heuvos rancheros breakfast, which was basically a tortilla piled high with eggs, black beans, cheese, tomatoes, and ground meat. It was really filling and delicious. The coffee was also outstanding!
The only downer was the wait for the food ... it was a little bit longer than normal. But I loved the casual, relaxed, multicultural ambiance inside of the cafe and will definitely head back. Hopefully next time I can grab a seat at the bar that overlooks Hampton Bays' Main Street.
Tres Diamante Restaurant Sep 4, 09 11:30 AM
Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!! I am a very open-minded diner and I went to Los Tres Diamantes thinking it would just have basic, good Latin food. UGH, so wrong!
The rice was not very good at all, and there were ants crawling on the table! The chips and salsa we got for free at the beginning of the meal were OK, but the rest of my food was hardly edible. And, walking in, I felt nauseated by the smell of something stale.
The dinner of the person I was eating was better than mine. He had just basic soft tacos with chicken. I had huevos rancheros, and just the thought of the slimy, overcooked vegetables on top of the eggs makes me sick now. Don't go!
East By Northeast Restaurant Sep 4, 09 11:25 AM
Very expensive, but it didn't bother me too much because I was treated to dinner!
The food was good. I started out with shrimp that were battered in a delicious, buttery coconut mixture and came with a delicious dipping sauce. For dinner, I had a seafood platter, which was clams, mussels and shrimp, also in a coconut-y broth. That was delicious ... but I thought it was at least going to be over rice! Or pasta.
The Skinny Rita drink was delicious ... and I tried some of the creme brulee dessert. It was amazing!
The inside of the restaurant is beautiful, as well. It looks out right over a pond, and the staff was semi-nice. Not all-star fabulous but OK.
Pretty good, but I don't think it's worth the money.
Schmidt's Market Jul 15, 09 1:06 PM
I think that Schmidt's is awesome -- as soon as you go in you feel like you're in "the Hamptons." You're greeted with beautiful fresh-cut flowers, a few rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, many of which are organic, and in the back you have the deli!
The last time I got a sandwich there it was not good -- goat cheese and mustard do not go well together. But everything else is really good! They have an extensive salad bar and many other sandwich options (as well as a sandwich club).
And, in the fall, winter and early spring, you have the soups!! They're famous and I don't know of anywhere else around with soups as good as theirs. Too bad they don't come with bread. You have to buy bread.
Bay Burger Jun 30, 09 5:16 PM
The fish burger was good ... I liked the breading and I believe that they put spinach on it, which is different.
I heard the hamburger had a little too much salt on it.
When I was there they had live music, which is nice. But it was a little loud.
As for ambiance, before I went I was hoping it would be a real cozy little shack, but it was actually kind of modern and cold. Too bad it's not more homey feeling. The stringy stuff on the wall was cool!
Valente's Pizzeria Jun 30, 09 5:13 PM
Great restaurant, and just what hokey old East Quogue needs! I like the manicotti and really want to try the pizza. I love Italian food.
The desserts, like tiramisu and cheesecake are homemade, authentic and are delicious.
If you're lucky, the owner just may sing some Sinatra for you!
75 Main Restaurant Jun 24, 09 9:26 AM
I've never had too much food here ... someone I was with had the beet salad, and they said it was good.
But, I did have the Bong Water Martini and it was ammmazing!!! It was $14, which is steep for a drink (I suppose not in the Hamptons) but it was worth it. The Bong Water vodka sounds nasty, but is actually great.
I'll agree with Agawam Yacht Club, though, and say the service is less than stellar. The bartender was glued to her crackberry! Yuck!
Buckley's Inn Between May 27, 09 12:15 PM
Pretty decent food. I like the salad that comes with asparagus and goat cheese and I've also heard that the chicken ceasar salad, that comes with huge pieces of garlic bread, is to die for.
Drinking at Buckley's is fun, too. They have Quiz Night once a month, and they also usually have a DJ that plays decent music on the weekend.
The Guinness is delicious, too!
Gators Restaurant May 25, 09 1:35 PM
I'd say that Gators is okay ... kind of like a nicer version of a diner.
I recently had a taco grande salad at Gators and it was good. It came with fresh shredded lettuce and yummy seasoned beef, with small chopped onions, and tomato thrown in. It came in a tortilla bowl that was a little greasy, but edible!
My dining companion had a BBQ chicken sandwich that apparently is a classic. If it's a classic, it must be good.
Dinner was less than $30, with a beer! Cheers to that.
Tony's Fusion West May 21, 09 12:54 PM
Super-duper expensive sushi, Chinese food, and Thai food and nothing to cry home about in terms of quality.
BUT everytime I go in there it feels like I'm in Manhattan -- there's a big flat-screen TV mounted above the bar. A lot of the interior decorating is very sophisticated looking, lots of shiny black surfaces.
Eckart's Luncheonette May 21, 09 12:45 PM
I love going in Eckart'sn Luncheonette -- it feels like going back in time to the 1920s because there are old magazines propped up along one wall, a long old-fashioned bar, and tables in the back.
The food is okay. The menu runs the gamut of a regular old luncheonette: eggs, french toast, sandwiches, pancakes, whatever.
Uncle Joe's Pizza May 20, 09 4:04 PM
Great pizza hands down. I love Italian food and these fellows do it right! They have coupons on the back of receipts at Stop n Shop, which can help cut down the cost of Uncle Joe's expensive pie.
There's also a nice dining room in the back, hidden behind the pizza place (it's kind of like a cool secret, to me at least), and they serve zucchini and delicious cheese with the bread before dinner, instead of just plain-old-boring butter.
They also play great music in the dining room.
Firehouse Pizza May 20, 09 3:53 PM
Beautiful, fresh pizza! Try the bruschetta pizza (lots of tomatos on it) and the garlic knots.
Their salads are cool, too, because they come with an interesting kind of dried fruit at the top.
Baby Moon May 20, 09 3:46 PM
Italian food is by far my favorite type of food and they do it well here! I like the bruschetta they bring out before dinner. It beats the heck out of bread.
BUT one time when I was having dinner there last summer an employee was pretty snotty to me ... like she was confused why I was having dinner there! So make sure you look posh and rich while dining there.
Barrister's Restaurant May 20, 09 3:37 PM
Delish bailout burgers! Bailout burgers are available on Wednesdays and they're only five bucks. I like them!
The other food is so-so, kind of pub-like.
Quogue East Pub May 20, 09 3:27 PM
Quogue East Pub rocks! They have all different types of beer and I was surprised one night to find they also make beautiful martinis! Yum.
There's a dartboard and a pool table and a jukebox, which provide good entertainment.
The pub also hosts an Open Night Mic night on Wednesdays that I'm looking forward to going to.