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American Pie Dec 23, 11 12:57 AM
Simply Fantastic!!! I can't go to King Kullen or K-Mart without having to stop here for a quik slice or a soup. There pizza is what you would expect from most of NY as great pizza (finally in the hamptons). I visit here a few times a week for a quick slice or a great dinner to take home and eat in front of the TV. Prices are more than fair, especially for the portions and the flavor has never let me down. Fresh ingredients, homemade unique yet not wierd soups, and obviously homemade to order food. How can you beat it. It's a pizzeria, so don't expect fine sit down service, but if you want really good food al the time with obviously fine fresh ingredients these people are doing it right. Casual atmosphere and as for the review from "if" I'm shocked. I'm a local and everybody I know raves about this place. They are so busy everytime I go in there I can't imagine how anybody would worry about food lying around. Is it coincidence that "if" has only reviewed one other restaurant and it the pizza place across the street, I think not. Either "lf" is crazy because they have everything all backward or they know, or are the owners of the other pizza place which is absolutley the worst pizza you could find in NY. I wouldn't be surprised of that sort of desperation when you taste the difference.
Like I said, this is my regular stop for my regular everyday eats. I don't cook at home often and grew up in an italian household, this place brings me home. I walk in they hand me samples of soup or gelato to try while I wait for whatever else I ordered and I must admit most of the time I'm sold and end up taking what ever they sampled to me home too because its so delicious.
Finally delivery service in the hamptons, the impossible has been accomplished!!! Not thrilled that they have a minimum of $20 and change a $3 fee mostly because I usually order for just me and $20 here goes a long way for 1 person - this is the opposite end of the spectrum from Loaves and Fishes, but I guess that's how they make it feasible, so I'll order for 2 days at a time .
Most recommended items from me: Regular Slice, Sicilian Slice or Gyro slice when they have it (unreal). Chicken Marsala, Penne ala vodka, the chicken noodle soup ( this is the real deal , first sign of a cold, this is it), and their brownies warmed in the pizza oven with a scoup of the coffee flavored gelato - to die for OMG!!
Oh IU almost forget one of the thing I tell everybody else about, the paninis. They are in the same parking lot as Panera, which I think is ok, but the comparison with the panini's is histerical. The panini at American pie is the size of your head and packed with awesome flavors like fresh basil and blasamic, fresh avocado etc,for like $10, which is easily 3 times the size of Panera's - I mean no comparison. I like Panera but for certain things a chain just can't compete.
Water Mill Cupcake Company Dec 23, 11 12:08 AM
Very very nice people and beautiful cupcakes. It's not cheap, but either is the product. The packaging is probably more costly to them then the actual cupcakes, but it's like Godiva in my mind. When I'm invited to dinner at a friends, I dont' bring hostess cupcakes, I bring watermill cupcakes. My friends know it's not cheap, but they also are shocked at how beautiful and skilled the work is, then the taste, well it doesn't let you down either. Great place, great cupcake, fantastic people, and when I invite you to my house for dinner, bring these and I know you care...and your not a cheapo lol
Loaves & Fishes Dec 22, 11 11:57 PM
Very very nice people but I"m sorry this place is a 1 star for me. The food is nice quality, homemade, and fresh, but for getting it served to you cold in containers it is nothing short of highway robbery. I stopped in to sample a few things with my girlfriend and left with:
1Q of that famous greek lemon soup (theirs not so famous because it was terrible, not bad, TERRIBLE & $17)
2 slices of picture perfect, seared to perfection beef tenderloin. Of course I had to reheat it, so when eating it, it was far from picture perfect –taste ok, just like reheated beef tenderloin, not a bad left over but not what you pay top dollar for.
Mashed potatoes on the plus side worth the stop – just get the mashed nothing else, some of the best frickin mashed I’ve ever had!!!
Anyway, in short out of the 6 or so items I sampled, and I mean sampled, the bill was $120. The look of most of the food could have been on the cover of a magazine, fantastic, the taste of most, I’ve had better, served deli style cold yet the prices – unless you have nothing better to do with your money I think you may be crazy to dump it here. Go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and still send the difference you would’ve spent here to your favorite charity. Honestly, it’s that badly overpriced.
Go to the American Hotel, considered one of the if not the finest restaurnat in the hampton, get their Soupe a l’Oignon Gratinee for $15 served fresh, hot deliciuos by a waiter etc or pay $17 for crap soup in a chinese soup container cold
Go to Matsulin for the best Tom-Yum I've ever had and pay $7 dining in, of course served hot
Go to American Pie Pizzareria for some homemade pasta fagioli like nobody else has and pay $5 and get a jumbo garlic knot, all served hot and watch TV while giving $1's out to other patrons, it's money better spent then at loaves and fishes.
I'd go back to loaves and fishes for one reason only - to see the crazy people who would pay such outlandish prices for food like this - that's worth watching.
Cilantro's Mexican Take-Out Dec 22, 11 11:34 PM
Small, cute, friendly, delicious...need I say more. I go out of my way for this place because you can tell that the ingredients are quality and well.... not as cheap as you may expect sometimes, but I'm never disappointed in the food and their homemade Chipotle Sauce is worth the trip by itself. In the mood for a great taco or burrito, no place better for miles. Deffinetly a hidden gem, best kept secret of Sag Harbor.
Matsulin Asian Food Dec 22, 11 11:30 PM
Fantastic!!! Love this place. Always friendly service, and great food. I'm a huge fan of Tom-Yum soup and theirs is always delicious. I am a huge fan of a dish you don't find too often at your typical asian restaurants called Roti Canai and though it's a little different when you get it for lunch as opposed to dinner it is unbelievable both ways they make it. I asked the waitor why the difference and he told me because it is a different cook. Usually being inconsindency like this is a down side for a restaurant but honestly it might not always be exactly the same but I know its fresh, and it's always fantastic - try it!!! This is the place I bring friends and family for a nice atmosphere and great food and everybody I've brought has raved about it. I used to bring them to Tony's asian fusion, but this is much better if you ask me,
Bay Burger Dec 22, 11 6:21 PM
I'm sorry, I’m always a fan of a new comer and hope for better, but I’ve tried their burger on several occasions now and just don’t see the sense in returning any more. Went to the web site and saw the video with Martha Stewart, the lovely couple striving to make their great product shine, you know the deal. Menu looks great and the idea of the homemade burger buns every day, wow!! Every time I go in and hope its better than the last time I’m disappointed again. They must be related to Martha or something, because this can’t be. The bun is good, not like wow, but good…let’s say very good. Service, like McDonalds or Burger King if not worse, sometimes a friendly kid, sometimes a snot nosed one, nothing special here. The burger does not taste flam broiled, it tastes burnt!!! Everytime I’ve been there, there’s some young person (kid) cooking the burgers and I’m sorry, perhaps it’s me but they taste like either a very dirty grill or just simply burnt burgers. Other than that tater tots I can get at the supermarket. The Price – too high for what you get!!!!!!!
American Hotel Restaurant Dec 22, 11 6:08 PM
Awesome!!! As good as it comes on the east end!!! If you want great food proper ettiguette and don't expect it too be cheap in any sense of the word then this is the only spot for you. Don't get me wrong, it's not expensive for what it is - Classic refined and proffessional!!! This is not the coupon shoppers dinner, but somebody who knows a great formal dining experience, this is the only one I've ever had on the the east end that is on the money - the others not even close.
P.S I'm a local :)
Bobby Van's Dec 22, 11 5:50 PM
I've had Morton's, Peter Lugars, the famous Burns steak from the Tampa where the presidents of the US go for great steak etc. Bobby Vans Bridgehampton not in the same league. The refined etiquette of the staff and service, nowhere near Mortons, the Steak, very good but no where as good as Lugars or Burns. The sides - don't bother with most if you've had the best. I'm sorry to sound so critical, but I love a great steak house not just for the awesome steak, but the simple and great sides, and expect nothing but the most refined service at those prices. The waiter shld know to not bother you for your order if your menu is still up in front of your face, the servers should run over when your head is up and you are looking around for something. Perhaps I've been spoiled, but I'm used to expecting a certain experience and professionalism with a fine steak house that I cannot seem to get from Bobby Vans. They are like the patron who doesn’t know to put the napkin on your lap in compared to the finer steak houses. Best steak in the immediate area, perhaps. I’d rather the American Hotel in Sag Harbor if I’m expecting much better service though.
World Pie Dec 22, 11 5:38 PM
This is fancy pizza. Highly recommened for a nice restaurant and some neat food! Not recommended for a good lsice of NY pizza! Maybe not as good as some you might find in the city, certainly not as good or the some as famous Patsy's of the upper east or a Lombardis if you like the more touristy spots. However if you like a flavourful crust with goat cheese and artichoke hearts, etc this might be for you. This is not a traditional pizzeria like the similiar name but much different food of American Pie near by. I like World PIe if I'm going out on a date and want to dine, drink, and impress. For a great slice of Pizza, I'll see you at American Pie. Reading the other reviews, the salads sound like a nice choice, and I remember hearing this from other locals, will have to give it a try and perhaps you should too, I know they have the ingredients to make it really fancy :)
Agave Mexican Bar & Grill Dec 22, 11 5:27 PM
I'll be honest, I haven't heard the best reviews about this place, but I've been there twice so far and have enjoyed the food very much. It's casual dining, good beer, homemade mexican flavors, and I wouldn't hestate a revisit at all. As a local I've heard complaints about the service and when I've gone it's been slow so perhaps I was easy service. Young friendly girls both times, maybe not seasoned pro's like some of the fancy dining of the east end but they're new so may need some time to get through the growing pains. Haven't heard any complaints about the food and none from me.
Pizza Place, The Dec 22, 11 5:21 PM
I agree with BillyD. I'm a huge pizza fan and come from an Italian family. This is terrible Pizza and worse Italain food!!! Maybe the fried chicken is ok, not sure. For anybody who knows the area and knows pizza in the area there's a good slice at Conca D' Oro in Sag Harbor, a great slice at La Campanina in Wainscott, a good slice and good food at La Parmigiana in SH, and a great slice and great food at American Pie in Bridgehampton. The Pizza Place is like paying more for italian food from the frozen food section at the supermarket. You want cooking like the way mama made it, and good NY pizza with fresh ingredients you can taste, try any of the recomendations from above before the Pizza Place. Only in business because of their location, tourists don't know any better - my honest opinion.