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Tres Diamante Restaurant

(631) 288-8884
279 Montauk Hwy, Westhampton Beach
Spanish, Mexican & Latin 

Average Review
Reviewed by happychik86 (21) on Sep 4, 2009
Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!! I am a very open-minded diner and I went to Los Tres Diamantes thinking it would just have basic, good Latin food. UGH, so wrong!
The rice was not very good at all, and there were ants crawling on the table! The chips and salsa we got for free at the beginning of the meal were OK, but the rest of my food was hardly edible. And, walking in, I felt nauseated by the smell of something stale.
The dinner of the person I was eating was better than mine. He had just basic soft tacos with chicken. I had huevos rancheros, and just the thought of the slimy, overcooked vegetables on top of the eggs makes me sick now. Don't go!
Reviewed by North of Highway on May 8, 2009
Real Latino place - genuine Salvadorian cantina. Ask for Maxine who speaks English. If you want authentic Latino food this is the place - plentiful and cheap with the juke box playing nothing but Spanish songs. The food is fairly simple and straight forward - the pork, chicken and shrimp dishes are in general better than the beef. It is well seasoned but not hot or spicy as Latin food can be.
They are now carrying some Long Island wines - a big added improvement. I can't comment on the desserts as I rarely have it but you won't go wrong with the entrees. Enjoy!

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