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Sagg General Store

(631) 537-0233
542 Sagg Main Street, Sagaponack
Delis & Country Stores, Bagels & Bakeries 

Average Review
Reviewed by Jay M. on Jun 1, 2011
I never write reviews, but our experience at the Sagg Store simply kills me... One of the rudest experiences I've had, at what I always thought was an adorable country store.

After ordering an omelette without cheese (which my fiance cannot have), she opened up to find that there was indeed cheese in the omelette. No big deal, she went back inside to request one without, in a completely friendly manner. The woman responded "Oh.. That's annoying" and said I'll just take the cheese off... As you can imagine, she ultimately had to make another omelette, with her ridiculously rude attitude. The fun didn't end here.. The woman at the register, who appeared to be the manager, continued the attitude, telling my fiance, "That's not what the kitchen heard.." as she began ringing the order up (ultimately realizing we had already paid)

Not the cute place it appears to be.. I feel sorry that this place represents Sagaponack, such a beautiful area of the Hamptons.

What a refreshing feeling it was to head back to Sylvester's in Sag Harbor for a Dreamy Iced Coffee...

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