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(631) 725-7088
8 West Water Street, Sag Harbor
Seafood, American 

Average Review
Reviewed by JoyGanssBrady on Mar 30, 2010
The Beacon is a great place to visit for both lunch and dinner. It is also a great place to get together for drinks. Always busy!
Reviewed by dogsbrekky (19) on Feb 14, 2010
fundcrowd, food is average and prices are up there for the quality but it is a nice relaxing spot
Reviewed by Watermillguy (8) on Oct 17, 2009
Great view, very disappointing food.
Reviewed by Ella'sMom (6) on Jul 23, 2009
Going to The Beacon feels like you are transported somewhere outside of the busy Hamptons. It has some of the greatest food on the East End (the lobster pasta and the duck, goat cheese puffs are to die for) and certainly one of the most special views. Waiting for a waterfront table is certainly worthwhile. We also discovered this is an excellent place for lunch, although we wish the lobster pasta was available during the day too!

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