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Beth's Cafe

(631) 653-0222
48 Quogue Street, Quogue
Health & Organic, American, Coffee & Coffee Shop, Specialty & Gourmet 

Average Review
Reviewed by Quoguelife (3) on Jan 22, 2018
The food is ok and the prices are very expensive for a little cafe in quogue. Some of these places think we leave our brains in Manhattan.
Reviewed by Seafield on Jun 2, 2012
Just returned home from dinner at Beth's cafe. We had an incredible meal. I had the tandoori chicken and my husband had the salmon. Both were absolutely delicious! After sitting down we were served a lovely plate with hummus and beet goat cheese. They were a treat. I just want to add that we have had breakfast and lunch at Beth's often and they are equally impressive. Beth obviously understands food. We look forward to many more incredible dinners there this summer!
Reviewed by CML on Sep 20, 2011
Very Disappointed. Arrived Sun am to find two staff who flat out igonored us standing in front of them for 10 mins..Not even a Good Morning..sorry for the wait..Then we asked if we could just sit..the young male wait staff said sure...We then spent another 10 mins..without an ounce of acknowledment we were even there. We got up after 20 mins being there without breakfast Without even a "be right with you" Not so sure they even noticed that we left.....Customer Service has clearly gone out the window these days..

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