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Duryea's Lobster Deck

(631) 668-2410
65 Tuthill Rd Ste 65, Montauk
Seafood, Catering, Seafood Market 

Average Review
Reviewed by Capt. Phil (4) on Aug 24, 2012
What in heaven's name happened to this place? It used to be a real pleasure and a highlight of summer to go here. We went last week and it was awful! Steamed mussels that were barely warm, shriveled, and served in a dry bowl, no broth, and they were tasteless. A lobster roll at $21 when lobster is under $4 a POUND! Served with limp potato chips, no less. The dock is all busted up and a mess. Place seems run down and on the verge of collapse. Until they fix up this wreck and get a new chef, don't bother--especially at their ridiculous prices!

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