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Orlando's Cafe

(631) 728-2608
40 W Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays
Spanish, Mexican & Latin 

Average Review
Reviewed by k555s (2) on Oct 8, 2009
I LOVE THIS PLACE. When I eat anywhere else I'm usually disappointed. Today I had the Healthy Breakfast, (egg whites, turkey, black beans, tomatoes, pico de gallo). Delicious. The biggest and best surprise was it was FRESH ROASTED TURKEY. Yes, fresh tender juicy roasted turkey. Cooked to perfection. No processed meats or veges. ALL FRESH.
Reviewed by k555s (2) on Oct 5, 2009
Orlando's is hands down the best food I've ever been served in my 37 years eating at some of the finest restaurants in the Hamptons. Affordable, pleasent staff and atmosphere, considerate customers, etc.. Very unHampton. A must experience for those who love fresh, well cooked food. A meal you'll remember. It's too good to share. A well kept secret.
Reviewed by happychik86 (21) on Sep 14, 2009
I had a delicious heuvos rancheros breakfast, which was basically a tortilla piled high with eggs, black beans, cheese, tomatoes, and ground meat. It was really filling and delicious. The coffee was also outstanding!
The only downer was the wait for the food ... it was a little bit longer than normal. But I loved the casual, relaxed, multicultural ambiance inside of the cafe and will definitely head back. Hopefully next time I can grab a seat at the bar that overlooks Hampton Bays' Main Street.
Reviewed by Patti Anne (24) on Aug 22, 2009
Very nice staff but this is not a "sit-down" restaurant. You stand in line to order and then take your food to a table. I had a good breakfast there.
Reviewed by HH on May 31, 2009
Definitely my favorite place to eat in the area. Great food, always fresh and well-prepared. Warm, friendly atmosphere an appreciated extra.
Reviewed by BOReilly (4) on May 28, 2009
Went in there for breakfast and it was very good and very affordable.
Reviewed by jm (14) on May 8, 2009
An eclectic little joint run by super friendly folks. Everything's always fresh and the flavors are very authentic, particularly the south -of-the-border and caribbean style dishes. Very reasonable prices, too. Yum!
Reviewed by davidf (3) on May 8, 2009
this is an amazing restaurant. beats anything on main street in southhampton by a country mile.

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