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American Pie

(631) 613-6177
2044 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton
Pizza, Ice Cream & Candy 
Sun: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Mon: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tue: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Average Review
Reviewed by MorganMarie on Jun 4, 2013
I work at American Pie in the Bridgehampton commons & have been for over a year. All of my fellow employees are super nice and easy to get along with. The owner could not be a better boss who loves to make people happy. Prior to working at the pizzeria I would always find myself coming back time & time again. Their famous CBR(chicken bacon ranch) slice was always my favorite. I enjoyed it so much I practically went in for it every other day. Since working there I discovered that all of the food was totally enjoyable & I haven't yet found something I disliked! I would like to include the fact that the owner only purchases top quality ingredients! The food ranges from soups & paninis to frozen yogurts & other Imported desserts, as well as a full pasta & dinner menu.

I noticed a negative comment on here by "LF" & quickly realized that it is most likely the owner of "the pizza place" (the closest pizzeria in the area) based on their only two reviews(one bashing American Pie & the other bragging about their own place) For one, the food from American Pie is not dangerous & we throw out our pizza every few hours & remake new in replacement. I don't like to bash other pizzerias, as many of them have their perks as well. However I have only eaten @ "the pizza place" two times & was grossed out by their "sample slices" that were dusty & looked to be at least a few months old! Their pizza wasn't quality & their prices made me never want to come back. I'm happy I found a cool local spot out in the hamptons. People always seem to leave happy. If you haven't tried the place yet, I suggest you stop in & grab a slice & see for yourself! :) definitely grade A food. I would suggest the fried ravioli, Cali panini, buffalo wings, CBR slice, Cobb salad, shrimp basket, penne alla vodka & any of the sautéed veggies! Enjoy!
Reviewed by strandny (11) on Dec 23, 2011
Simply Fantastic!!! I can't go to King Kullen or K-Mart without having to stop here for a quik slice or a soup. There pizza is what you would expect from most of NY as great pizza (finally in the hamptons). I visit here a few times a week for a quick slice or a great dinner to take home and eat in front of the TV. Prices are more than fair, especially for the portions and the flavor has never let me down. Fresh ingredients, homemade unique yet not wierd soups, and obviously homemade to order food. How can you beat it. It's a pizzeria, so don't expect fine sit down service, but if you want really good food al the time with obviously fine fresh ingredients these people are doing it right. Casual atmosphere and as for the review from "if" I'm shocked. I'm a local and everybody I know raves about this place. They are so busy everytime I go in there I can't imagine how anybody would worry about food lying around. Is it coincidence that "if" has only reviewed one other restaurant and it the pizza place across the street, I think not. Either "lf" is crazy because they have everything all backward or they know, or are the owners of the other pizza place which is absolutley the worst pizza you could find in NY. I wouldn't be surprised of that sort of desperation when you taste the difference.
Like I said, this is my regular stop for my regular everyday eats. I don't cook at home often and grew up in an italian household, this place brings me home. I walk in they hand me samples of soup or gelato to try while I wait for whatever else I ordered and I must admit most of the time I'm sold and end up taking what ever they sampled to me home too because its so delicious.
Finally delivery service in the hamptons, the impossible has been accomplished!!! Not thrilled that they have a minimum of $20 and change a $3 fee mostly because I usually order for just me and $20 here goes a long way for 1 person - this is the opposite end of the spectrum from Loaves and Fishes, but I guess that's how they make it feasible, so I'll order for 2 days at a time .
Most recommended items from me: Regular Slice, Sicilian Slice or Gyro slice when they have it (unreal). Chicken Marsala, Penne ala vodka, the chicken noodle soup ( this is the real deal , first sign of a cold, this is it), and their brownies warmed in the pizza oven with a scoup of the coffee flavored gelato - to die for OMG!!
Oh IU almost forget one of the thing I tell everybody else about, the paninis. They are in the same parking lot as Panera, which I think is ok, but the comparison with the panini's is histerical. The panini at American pie is the size of your head and packed with awesome flavors like fresh basil and blasamic, fresh avocado etc,for like $10, which is easily 3 times the size of Panera's - I mean no comparison. I like Panera but for certain things a chain just can't compete.
Reviewed by lf (2) on Jun 25, 2011
Mediocre. It worries me that those pizzas just sit out at room temp all day long.....seems dangerous.. Think I'll pass. Theres much better pizza locally.
Reviewed by Jazzmom on Jun 1, 2011
World Pie is on Main Street across from Bobby Van's. Was visiting Bridgehampton and was told about American Pie. Their pizza is great! Hard to find pizza that taste like that upstate NY where I live.
Reviewed by Sag on Mar 8, 2010
UMMMMM....I think the picture and the nice review describe a different place and not American Pie, which is on Main Street across from Bobby Van's, not in the B-Hampton Commons ?
American Pie has good pizza but also lots of non-Italian things and it is more pricey and upscale, but still relaxed and fun.
I have not been to the one in the Commons, and they are probably both good - just different.
Sag appended the following on Mar 22, 2012
Wooops- World Pie vs American Pie.
Reviewed by Redhamilla on Aug 7, 2009
This is a wonderful INEXPENSIVE place to eat in the Hamptons! In addition to pizza they have a full menu of amazing Italian food and they serve Gelato imported from Italy in addition or Yolicious....a fat free frozen yogurt! Friendly Staff and easy to park in the Commons! I love this place!

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